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Personal Loan Directory Lists Licensed Money Lenders Across Singapore


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2012 -- The recently launched website LegalLoans.com.sg now provides Individuals and businesses across Singapore with a definitive directory of licensed money lenders. The website is a one- stop source for consumers looking for a personal loan and small business owners seeking business loans in Singapore.

For today’s consumers, there are many choices when it comes to obtaining personal loans, regardless of credit history. In fact, with so many money lenders to choose from, it can be a time-consuming job to learn about each one. The new website LegalLoans.com.sg simplifies the search by assembling all of the licensed money lenders together in a single directory. “We wanted to make it simple for consumers and businesses to not only find licensed money lenders throughout Singapore, but to also provide them with all of the information they would need to understand how these personal loans work,” said a LegalLoans.com.sg representative.

The personal loan Singapore lenders are divided by geographic areas so that consumers can find those closest to them. Once picking an area, they are then able to see a listing of all of the lenders with each listing providing basic information on the lender as well as its address. Consumers are also presented with a map of the area with the exact location pinpointed to make finding the chosen lender a simple matter.

Thousands of consumers and businesses throughout Singapore may, from time to time, find themselves in need of a small cash loan for unexpected bills or any number of reasons where quick additional cash would be helpful. In order to help consumers make informed decisions, the website also provides a series of articles on the money lender process and how personal loans work.

The articles provide information on exactly what is entailed in working with a money lender.

They also delve into the basic requirements of personal loans such as applications, job status, bank accounts and general terms of these types of loans. In addition, readers will learn about the advantages and potential risks of working with a money lender as well as the important considerations of a personal loan such as interest rates, additional fees and much more. “We continually update the website so that consumers have the latest information at their disposal,” said the representative. For more information please visit http://www.legalloans.com.sg

About LegalLoans.com.sg
The Legal Loans Singapore Directory provides an up-to-date directory resource with detailed information on all of the licensed money lenders in Singapore. Consumers can search the directory by geographic region, and each listing is accompanied by address information and map location. The directory also provides articles on personal loans in Singapore.