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Personal Red Ribbon Cakes Delivery Now Available in the Philippines


Quezon City, NCR -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- Finally, anyone can now get his or her favorite Red Ribbon cakes delivered right to his or her doorstep with the personal cake delivery service from Gone are the days when people need to personally pick up their cakes in some local Red Ribbon branches. Now, anyone can order a Red Ribbon cake from anywhere in the world and get it delivered to the Philippines.

What’s different about this cake delivery service is that it caters to people who live outside the Philippines. So if a person who lives in the United States has some love ones in the Philippines, he or she can send a cake with just a click of a button. This is also true for people who live in other countries such as in Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and some European countries.

Ordering is easy. First, the person who is interested in ordering must visit the PhilFastFood website at He or she will then find the rich online catalog of PhilFastFood that does not only cover Red Ribbon products but also products from known restaurants in the Philippines like Jollibee, Chowking, Tokyo Tokyo and Mang Inasal. With this, the website acts like an online restaurant where people from different countries can treat their love ones in the Philippines even if they live a thousand miles away.

The idea started when PhilFastFood’s owner wanted to treat his family to some food. Anyone who is familiar with Filipino culture will know how important food is to every important celebration. Birthdays and other special occasions in the country are rarely celebrated without food. That’s when the owner thought about providing a service that other people has not thought about – to provide locally based food delivery services that can be bought in foreign currency. The idea was so good that the website continues to satisfy its customers after being in the business for more than 5 years.

One of the brands that the website included is Red Ribbon. This is a premier cake brand in the Philippines offering cakes in Mango, Chocolate and others. Filipinos have loved the masterpieces of Red Ribbon since 1979 which is why it has grown to be a premier cake brand with over 200 branches in the country and over 30 stores in the United States.

When it was acquired by Jollibee in 2005, it also started to offer some food items. In fact, it is now more than just an ordinary bakeshop. It is now also a restaurant. Nowadays, people go to Red Ribbon not only for cake order but also for food orders. Their food soon became popular which is why they also have some party food packages that are quite popular among Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad.

But the success of the company did not happen just because of the food. The other reason is the quality of their products and services.

First, they create their cakes and bread with only the highest quality of cake flour. They also make sure to come up with a unique tasting cream that you will not find elsewhere.

And second, they put their hearts into their service. They treat each customer equally and make sure that they have fast services that are sensitive to their needs. They have the FSC rule where they focus on the Food, Service and Cleanliness of each store for the benefit of their customers.

It’s inevitable that high quality cakes can only be expected from a company that has been trusted for years. It only becomes better if combined with the power of an online-based food delivery service like that of With it, anyone who lives outside the Philippines can get some Red Ribbon cakes delivered to their love ones in the Philippines.

About PhilFastFood
PhilFastFood is an online food delivery website based in the Philippines. It delivers food items from different types of brands like Red Ribbon, Goldilocks, Jollibee, McDonalds, Tokyo Tokyo and others.