Personal Trainer Launches Site on Inversion Table Reviews

Alex Webb, certified fitness and personal trainer, has recently launched an unbiased site giving inversion table reviews. As a trainer with hundreds of clients, Webb has recommended and advised inversion therapy for all of his clients. With years of experience in using and advising clients on the use of inversion table, Webb gives a straight forward advice on the topic.


Charleston, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2013 -- As a certified fitness trainer and personal trainer for the last 5 years, Alex Webb knows a thing or two about how the human body works. With a degree in Exercise Science from the University of South Carolina and over 12 years of studying the human body there is one thing that Webb recommends to all of his customers and that is an inversion table to help with lower back pain.

While other sites online try to sell products, Webb’s site is built for the customer who is looking for an unbiased review on a specific table from a person who has experience with a number of inversion tables. As an owner of over 20 inversion tables himself and a consultant to hundreds of clients over the years that have used inversion therapy, Webb has extensive experience in this field.

After becoming frustrated with his clients buying the “wrong” inversion table for their age and body type, Webb felt the need to create an unbiased review site to cover tables for anyone who was interested in buying a table. With upfront advice and no ties to any major inversion table business, Webb gives a personal view on what is best for his clients.

Starting off as just a hobby, Alex’s site has started to gain attention among potential clients and those who are looking for information on inversion tables online. Webb had so many people at the local gyms ask him about these tables, he thought it would be best to recommend them to his site so they could do their own research.

As this site continues to get more and more visitors, Webb continues to give straight forward reviews on different inversion tables. Many clients and gym members return to this site again and again if they ever have questions on the topic.

If you are interested in getting solid advice on inversion tables or inversion therapy in general then this is a great site. Please visit the Inversion Table Reviews Guide at

Alex Webb
Charleston, SC