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Personal Training in West London by the Renowned Core Performance Personal Training

Physical fitness training for busy professionals, home makers and athletes


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2012 -- Tired of fad diets and unachievable targets set by gyms? Get geared up for a personal training service exclusively for West Londoners by Core Performance Personal Training service. Having set up with an aim to transform the physical fitness regimen of athletes the service is also extended to working professionals and home makers who find it hard to cater time for a successful workout schedule.

Gerald Smith, a personal trainer from London who has worked at shaping the physiques of many athletes is now aiming to reach out a wider range of people who need additional assistance to better their physique and lose weight. As a trainer in the sports training business Gerald has trained many traithletes, rowers, football, badminton and hockey players and his proven track record has attracted general public to get the desired results on weight loss. The same attempt has been extended to ensure that busy professionals and home makers of west London personal trainer are given the opportunity to benefit from the services offered by Core Performance Personal Training.A Personal trainer is the one who work along and ensure that the target is met in a win-win situation. At Core Performance Personal Training, the personal trainer comes with a difference. As they have extensive experience working with athletes, they would focus on an overall physical development. So whether it is an athlete, a common person who wishes to shed those extra pounds or the beginner at a new sport, everyone can benefit from the services that Core Performance Personal Training has to offer.

The package at which weight loss is offered is exclusive and customized according to the need of the customer. As the focus would be to lose weight, the personal trainer would ensure to extend the support to the extent required. All the services can be availed between the four walls and the comfort of one’s home as weight loss is brought to the door step. This is not a call for chemical supplement usage or a new diet schedule. The training would be focused on shaping the physique with an effort that would make the body stronger and also become more responsive to weight loss. Book a time with the trainer at or contact 07951 467 281.