Joe Bragg Helps Secure Instant Bad Credit Loans Online with Pre-Approval of $1000


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2013 -- Many hardworking individuals live from paycheck to paycheck. This may seem like a perfectly fine way to live. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with living paycheck to paycheck until some unexpected financial situation throws a budget into disarray.

That’s why millions of hardworking people turn to instant loans to finance short-term financial expenses. Whether it’s a medical emergency or an immediate tuition payment, instant loans have helped many people escape from emergency financial situations.

Today, finding instant loans online has never been easier thanks to websites like aims to simplify the instant cash borrowing process in a number of different ways.

First, the website allows applicants to complete the approval process entirely online. No fax is required and money can be wired to banks in less than one hour. Applicants are also instantly pre-approved for an amount of $1000 and installment loans are available to those who need staggered cash payments over a longer period of time.

A spokesperson for explained a second important advantage that the website holds over other online cash lenders:

“Our website is proud to offer instant cash loans to individuals of all credit levels. Individuals with bad credit or medium credit should not be treated like second-class citizens simply because they have experienced financial difficulty. Instead, we are an equal-opportunity lender that lends cash to anyone who needs it.”

As a supplier of bad credit loans, is able to offer instant loans of up to 30% of the applicant’s salary. Applicants are pre-approved up to $1000, although more money can be loaned provided the applicant has proof of employment.

The spokesperson explains what kind of proof of employment is required to apply for an instant bad credit loan through the website:

“Our debt relief application process involves a minimal amount of paperwork. Visitors can complete the entire process online without ever leaving their office chair. Our website only requires at least one pay stub from the last three months, proof of employment from one company for three months or more, and identification which proves that the borrower is of legal age and is a legal citizen. Once approved, we also require applicants to have a bank account to which we can deposit funds.”

The goal of is to give hardworking Americans the money they need when they need it most. The website promises affordable interest rates and no hidden fees or surcharges on the account.

About is an online lender that offers instant bad credit loans to all individuals. The company pre-approves loans of up to $1000 and money can be deposited into a bank account within an hour. For more information, please visit: