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PersonalInjuryGuide.org Provides Personal Injury Information Resource


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2012 -- Individuals wishing to understand the differing aspects of personal injury and the law can now turn to personalinjuryguide.org. The new personal injury guide provides detailed unbiased articles on differing aspects of personal injury claims and injury compensation.

While almost every type of injury can be called personal injury, understanding the term under the law as well as its differing aspects is far more detailed. The recent launch of the Website personalinjuryguide.org seeks to provide unbiased insight into personal injury types and definitions for laymen. “There is a great deal of disinformation online regarding personal injury claims,” said a personalinjuryguide.org information specialist. “We created the personal injury guide as a source for factual information about all aspects of personal injury so that people would have reliable information to assess potential claims.”

The Website has numerous articles that deal concisely with personal injury starting with a detailed definition of personal injury and the broader area of tort law. The Website’s authors provide both textbook and plain language definitions so that individuals can fully grasp the concepts. “As long as the injury is due to another person’s fault and as long as the injured person’s ability to work is impaired because of it, it is considered a personal injury,” said the information specialist.

There are also articles on the concept of personal injury settlement, personal injury lawsuit, the resulting personal injury compensation and the many reasons for a person to claim the settlement. “The most common negligence cases in personal injury law are slip-and-fall, vehicular accident and work injury compensation cases,” said the information specialist. “Consequently, the Website delves into car injury compensation and other common injury compensation claims.”

Readers can find detailed information and explanations of criminal injury, work injury compensation (otherwise known as work accident injury compensation or industrial injury compensation), property injury compensation and medical injury. “Tort reform in the area of medical injury lawsuits has resulted in most people not knowing where they may stand in terms of potential medical injury compensation,” said the Website information specialist. “We’ve tried to cover the basics so people have a solid foundation of understanding as they search for more detailed and specific information on this and other areas of personal injury law.”

For more information, please visit http://www.personalinjuryguide.org

About PersonalinjuryGuide.org
The Website provides visitors with a short, concise and structured guide to personal injury claims of all types. The new online guide is intended to keep persons informed on matters relating to personal injury claims, avoiding potential pitfalls and knowing how to successfully make such claims. The Website is structured by topic in easily accessible unbiased articles.