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Personalize with a Purpose: Yellow Letters Complete Embraces Tradition with Handwritten Envelopes

Handwritten Marketing Services for Real Estate Investors and Realtors that Effectively Generate a Greater Number of Leads


Hurley, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2016 -- In the days before e-mail became the primary form of correspondence, effective communication often took five minutes rather than five seconds. In a world where "Dear Sir or Madam" is becoming increasingly commonplace, sometimes all we want is a personalized message.

Yellow Letters Complete believes in going back to the basics. The direct mail marketing company works with real estate professionals to distribute letters in handwritten envelopes to potential clients. Yellow Letters Complete also offers personalized thank you notes, holiday cards, and postcards.

The practice of adding a personalized touch to a note has been proven to resonate with people and improves reader circulation. Not only are people growing used to receiving dozens of emails a day, impersonal fliers are commonly placed on doorsteps and cars. Studies show that they are thrown away more often than not. Yellow Letters Complete embraces the notion that personalized yellow letters in hand addressed envelopes are not thrown in the trash. They are looked at and saved for years to come.

"Living in a generation where people are receiving an influx of impersonal emails every day, we want our clients to feel special. We aim to recreate the feeling of waiting for a yellow letter in a hand addressed envelope to arrive in the mailbox. There is something about taking the special time and effort without shortcuts that has a positive effect on people," said Zach Braunel, the Owner of Yellow Letters Complete. "Individuals have without a doubt embraced the convenience factor of email. However, it doesn't mean that they do not still long for tradition."

For more information on the products and services available through Yellow Letters Complete, visit the official Website. Pricing starts at just 99 cents.

About Yellow Letters Complete
Yellow Letters Complete was founded in 2006 and has grown into one of the largest hand-addressed envelope service providers in the world. They help grow businesses with direct mail marketing by mailing letters in hand addressed envelopes to targeted mailing lists. Yellow Letters Complete employs a team of over 60 individuals and mails out over one million hand addressed envelopes yearly. They offer yellow letters, letterhead letters, letters with a hand-signed wet-ink signature, postcards and targeted mailing lists in an easy to use, turnkey system. By using invitation style envelopes hand addressed by real people, Yellow Letters Complete is able to generate more responses from a targeted mailing list than traditional direct mail marketing methods.