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Personalized Books R Us Makes Children the Star by Creating Treasured Keepsakes

Personalized Books Feature a Special Dedication That Makes for a Truly Extraordinary Gift


Olympia Fields, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/16/2016 -- Reading is an invaluable tool to teach to young children. It activates their minds in ways that television, videogames, and mobile phones cannot – and it can be a substantial source of pride for a growing child when they finally learn to read and understand the words on the page. For one book company, creating personalized books that hold a special place in the reader's heart is at the core of what they do best. Based in Olympia Fields, Illinois (outside of Chicago), Personalized Books R Us creates novel keepsake gifts that celebrate a child's birthday, baptismal birth, or other event. The momentous occasion is immortalized in the pages of the book, by being incorporated into a beautiful story.

Personalized Books R Us specializes in all types of stories, including: Tea party books, adventure books, licensed character books, mother goose, beauty and the beast, and many more. The essential idea is that a child is given the opportunity to go on an adventure and have the book as a treasured piece of their childhood to hang onto for years to come. Over 80 book titles are represented in the online store, and customers can elect to inscribe the child's full name, age, hometown, and the gift giver's name on the inside – in addition to a special dedication. In addition to their massive book collection, Personalized Books R Us is also known for a varied selection of personalized CDs and DVDs –Mickey Mouse, Elmo and the Sesame Street characters, Veggie Tales, as well as all of the Disney Princesses sing and talk to the child using the child's name throughout the cd. In addition to the titles above, there are 25 other personalized CDs available.

"There are so many digital, intangible ways for kids to experience good storytelling these days, and our personalized books stand in direct contrast to those," explained Personalized Books R Us manager Cathy Hodges. "These books represent a pivotal time in the child's lifetime, and we are proud to provide them and their families with a meaningful keepsake that they are sure to treasure for many years to come."

About Personalized Books R Us
Personalized Books R Us began in 1990 with the goal of creating personalized storybooks that can educate, inspire imagination, and build self-esteem in children. Their personalized baby books are a true keepsake – recording the birth experience of each child in a storybook format, which will be cherished by children, parents and grandparents for years to come! Each baby book includes the date, time, Dr.'s name, hospital, baby's height and weight along with names of baby's first visitors.