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Personalized Cleaning Services Throughout Massachusetts Offered by the Fabulous Maid


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2015 -- The Fabulous Maid is pleased to announce that its cleaning services throughout Massachusetts are personalized to fit the needs of the specific client. The company offers both residential and commercial cleaning programs. In addition, special needs or services can be arranged as required by the client. Clients who need janitorial or general maintenance services will find that the house cleaning Boston professionals at The Fabulous Maid can accomplish the tasks with the highest quality results.

About The Fabulous Maid
The Fabulous Maid is professionally certified and each maid service Boston staff member must complete comprehensive training coursework. They are fully bonded and insured and have passed background checks. The cleaning service Boston MA team brings the latest and most effective equipment and tools to the client's workplace or residents. The cleaning services are available for large or small quarters. Products are ecologically friendly which are used are of the highest quality.

Each home or business is addressed with the same level of care and attention. Clients may remain on the premises while the work is being done, or may continue their regular lives off-site. If regular cleaning is arranged, the type of deep cleaning which the maids provide will keep the premises looking great between visits.

A lengthy list of standard tasks is included for cleaning services Boston area residences Each room of the home can be included in the arrangements. If the cleaning is for commercial space, the contract will define the duties to be performed, as well as the frequency and the time frame. The cleaning schedule can be arranged to occur during times when the business is not open, to minimize disruption to customers and staff.

Contact Information
Company Name: The Fabulous Maid
Address: 925 Washington st, Suite 11, Boston, MA 02124
Telephone Number: (617) 929-5000
Toll Free Telephone Number: (888) 622-7937