Personalized Curated Social Mobile Project Seeks Crowd Funding via Indiegogo

Developers appeal to investors to recognize the need for a curated, peer-to-peer social search engine, which will enhance the experience of the mobile platform.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2013 -- Project manager, Zohe Mustafa, has initiated a crowd funding campaign for investment in his team’s social search engine project, Personalized Curated Social Mobile.

Zohe and his team have a vision to create what they are calling a peer-to-peer social search engine. Its purpose is to gather and share specified information from a contact’s mobile device, bookmarks, and personalized social media recommendations. The campaign aims to raise £200,000 by November 04, 2013 11.59pm PT.

Zohe believes that as more and more people connect through social media platforms, they would rather rely on the recommendations of friends and social contacts for interests and services, than search for information through traditional search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

“Research shows that nearly 43 percent of people in the UK, age18 to 24, would rather discover content and interests recommended through their social networks. We want to know what our friends enjoy, and so we trust their Tweets and Facebook statuses and likes more than we trust Google,” Zohe says.

Similar to an Amazon homepage, people want more customized recommendations based on their interests and likes. This makes traditional search engines seem irrelevant if it can’t provide those specified results. Having to slog through pages and pages of unrelated results feels like a waste of time to on-the-go consumers.

With increased smart phone usage, people are storing and bookmarking their favorite things anyway, so it wouldn’t be out of reach to create a way to filter through those interests. The team’s vision is to use the mobile phone number as the unique identifier or filter to view a contact’s phone book, web bookmarks, map bookmarks, and content shares.

“Who wouldn’t want a more targeted and personally relevant search engine? I believe there is a need, and it’s possible to create a product that will be a game-changer in the mobile device industry,” says Zohe.

Investors will have until Nov. 4 to select between three “perk” contributions—£25, £100, and £1000—on the project page on Indiegogo. All funding will be used for product development and testing for such things as an iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry app, and a SmartTV app; marketing, design, and brand creation; and mobile and desktop websites. Depending on the chosen contribution, investors will receive free MobeeMark merchandise, or an invitation to closed beta testing, or the opportunity to be part of the main development team.

“Although the majority of people use Google, that isn’t a reflection of its perfection; it just means that there is nothing better out there. Our ultimate goal is to create a Web 3.0 service, that which improves a person’s experience of the mobile platform,” says Zohe.

About Zohe Mustafa
Zohe Mustafa has been in the digital industry for over 16 years, working in IT, marketing, and consulting. He has an educational background in computer programming, web and software development, systems architecture, engineering and business. He is the developer of MobeeMark, the curated bookmark and tag search engine app. You can find him online at his website: