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Personalized Picture Frame Tells 14 Surprising Uses for Old Picture Frames

Got some empty frames but no photos to fill them? Check out these surprising uses for old picture frames!


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2014 -- Old picture frames that are missing the glass, have gotten scratched or dinged, or that are just plain ugly don’t have to be landfill-bound. One can transform old frames from around the house into all kinds of fun art pieces with just a little bit of crafty love.

Don’t have any picture frames handy? Hit the thrift store! Most thrift stores have a big section full of old picture frames. And don’t pass up that cheesy, motel-style art. one can remove ugly artwork or rework the whole thing to make some very cool design pieces.

14 Surprising Uses for Old Picture Frames

1. Plant a Living Picture – Fill an old picture frame with succulents for a dramatic vertical garden that one can hang anywhere.

2. Twine Memo Board – Does one like to write thoughts or to-dos on little scraps of paper? Keep them organized with this clever picture frame craft project.

3. Faux Headboard – I love the look of this “headboard” made from empty hanging picture frames! If the frames aren’t all the same color, just paint them to coordinate. Or don’t, for a whole different look.

4. Two Frames to One Shadowbox – Shadowboxes are a fun way to display 3D art or even nature finds. Instead of buying new, turn a pair of matching picture frames into a sweet hanging shadowbox.

5. Key Holder – Never hunt for the keys again! This tutorial uses new supplies, but I bet savvy upcyclers could make something very similar with reclaimed materials. I believe in it!

Chalkboard Picture Frame

Turn a plain picture frame into a chalkboard frame!

6. Chalkboard Frame – Picture frames with sentiments on them are sweet, but they’re not super flexible, right? If the frame says “Best Friends,” that sort of limits what pictures that can pit in there. Solve that problem with chalkboard paint!

7. Make Wallflowers – If the succulent frames seem like maybe more work than ones ready to sign up for, try these picture frame planters instead! Or maybe make a few of each and arrange them on a wall? That would be beautiful!

8. Earring Holder – Got some burlap? Combine it with a picture frame to make a simple earring organizer.

About Personalized Picture frames
My Photo Frames are DOUBLE MATTED and PROFESSIONALLY FRAMED under Glass to protect the photo and the matting. The recipient will treasure these for years to come. They are Fully Framed Original Art created by me, 16" X 16" overall, with a Window Back on the back so it can easily add or change the photo anytime. They are designed for 4x6 photos.