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Leduc, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2014 -- Websites, online businesses or service providers or any businessperson for that matter need to do something different in order to create an impact on the visitors, viewers or customers. There are many ways to attract visitors to a site but one of the most striking, innovative and entertaining ways is through animated whiteboard videos. For those who want to capture more visitors to their sites, increase their sales and conversions and increase their profits, then this is one of the most suggested ways to start off the campaign. offers personalized whiteboard animated campaigns that are made to suit the business/ product/ service specific needs and requirements.

Animated campaigns are excellent marketing tools that can grab the immediate attention of the visitors. The theory behind these animations is that a problem is presented before the viewers and the same is resolved in an innovative way. Be it diet supplements or beauty products, animated campaigns work really great in spreading the message across to the viewers that too in the most innovative way. Online video marketing is the latest in the internet marketing era and is here to stay for a long time. So, why not utilize it to the benefit owing to the fact that it is one of the direct ways to attract new customers and stay connected to the existing customers.

Communication is a key element in any marketing campaign. If the customers do not know about a particular brand, a product or service, they will not be able to buy it or use it at all. And hence businesses should communicate their sales message by using some of the greatest tools available today. Whiteboard animation video is one of the best online marketing and video marketing tools available today. The videos can simply be embedded on the websites or uploaded on YouTube and all that needs to be done is sharing the link.

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Animated Doodles, is a company that offers whiteboard animation or doodle animation services for websites and online businesses or service providers. The animated doodle sales videos are very attractive and affordable. This is one of the latest methods to drive real traffic to the websites thereby increasing the sales and conversions.

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