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Perspectives: Collection of Poetry, Prose & Photographs from Founder of over 6,000 Strong Online Writing Community

Written by Lori LeNoir-White, founder of ‘Write Out Loud’ and published by Cincinnati Book Publishing, ‘Perspectives’ is an examination of the author’s world, through searing poetry, stirring photographs and snapshots of raw, emotional prose that speak to the heart of what it means to be human on this Earth.


Morehead, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2014 -- Lori LeNoir-White believes in the power of writing. After a turbulent youth and young adulthood, LeNoir-White found her pen, and consequently, her life has never been the same again. While founding an online community of passionate and soulful writers called ‘Write Out Loud’, LeNoir-White began to put her own feelings and experiences on paper, and the result is a stunning new collection entitled ‘Perspectives’.

The book is a firsthand account of LeNoir-White’s own struggles through abuse, a destructive self-image and cruelty from those who were supposed to protect her. The poetry, prose and photographs reach deeply into LeNoir-White’s life and from the ashes of her past, the author is reborn through her own words and images.

Writing eloquently on family, friendships, love, faith and the fierce beauty of nature, LeNoir-White will touch readers with her honesty and realism, while soothing their souls with the accompanying photos. The book is a natural progression for LeNoir-White, who has been reaching out to other human beings daily since beginning ‘Write Out Loud’.

“I started Write Out Loud to encourage self expression and awareness through writing,” says the author. “Life isn't always pretty or positive but if approached honestly we'll spend more time learning the lesson than repeating it. While I’ve had my share of hardships and challenges, I’ve come out the other side feeling more optimistic than ever. I want to share that with other writers and now, with ‘Perspectives’, I can reach an even wider audience to show how regeneration and healing are possible through art.”


PERSPECTIVES serves as an acknowledgement and reminder that we (humans) are connected, not only by what we experience and share, but likewise by our thoughts that have yet to be given a voice.

The author has graciously shared many of her thoughts (poetry, prose and candid observations) on a range of experiences and emotions that often keep us internally bound in silence.

Within these pages, one may find encouragement to develop and express their voiceless thoughts. Personal, expressive writing can often times reveal and cut the ties that bind.

Since it’s publication, ‘Perspectives’ has earned rave reviews from critics and readers alike.

“There is a term called Runners High that derives from an euphoric feeling that people experience from running long-distance. With that in mind, I’m going to coin my own term called Readers High! That’s the only way to describe the euphoric feeling I experienced from reading the works of Lori LeNoir-White,” wrote Phillip M. DéMarks.

“Her writing draws you into the details of life’s simple pleasures in a way that can transport you; yet she also has a way to lead you into the celebration of deliverance from painful life experiences. Along either path, Lori leads readers to happiness and liberation with her soul-inspiring thoughtfulness,” from Carlene Crom, Singer/Songwriter.

Calling the book “purposeful, powerful, personal and positive”, Melanie E. Ballard wrote: “Perspectives illustrates Lori's love of prose and poetry. Her writings are soulful; etched in truth and inspiration. There is a recurring theme of the importance of putting pen to paper and writing, unabashedly, from the heart. That's exactly what Lori has done in Perspectives.”

‘Perspectives’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1hloRci

For bulk orders please contact http://www.cincybooks.com

Stay connected with Lori LeNoir-White through social media, on Write Out Loud’s Facebook page and Twitter.

About the Author: LeNoir-White
Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Lori LeNoir-White 's early life was troubled, to say the least. Years filled with fast changing landscapes and dynamics were the beginning for young Lori. The combination of early childhood abuse, domestic violence and an injured self-image left her ever struggling to adjust in the world. As the desire for social acceptance grew, she made many poor choices in her journey; choices that sent her further into despair and self-destruction.

It wasn't until Lori was diagnosed (after the age of 30) with A.D.H.D that she began to understand the path that she had once traveled, the choices she had made and all the turmoil that she had endured. As a way to manage the unstable and rapidly developing thoughts and emotions, Lori found a calming voice within; she discovered the joy and release of writing.

Now, able to remain still in the presence of her fears, Lori has come to acknowledge that perceptions develop within one s emotional core, whereas perspectives develop over time, and with honesty of self. On her Facebook page Write Out Loud, Lori encourages thousands to walk this enlightened path with her by processing, understanding and accepting their own experiences and PERSPECTIVES on life.