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Persuasive New Book Unmasks 'Counterfeit Gospels'

‘The Faith of Demons’ is an explosive and carefully-researched debut from writer Rick Muchewicz. Intended to expose the false and widely spread truth that ‘any faith is sufficient’, ‘The Faith of Demons’ is also a moving rumination on the power of God to shine light in the darkness, and the author’s unwavering trust in the teachings of Jesus Christ.


Springfield, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2014 -- It’s a phrase that echoes often in popular culture, within religious circles and in general conversation.

“As long as you believe in something.”

To Rick Muchewicz, whose new book, ‘The Faith of Demons’ will be released soon, the above sentiment is a lie fed to the masses, and one he would like to see banished from discussions of faith.

“It’s not enough to simply ‘believe’,” says Muchewicz. “There is a real danger that many within the evangelical church are trusting in something other than Jesus Christ for salvation. And sadly, in a lot of cases it isn't even about salvation, but just "getting to heaven." Many trust in their decisions, church membership, baptism, etc. instead of Christ.”

With the release of his book, Muchewicz’s aim is to change the dialogue and put the focus back where it belongs: on Jesus Christ.


The Faith of Demons was written to combat counterfeit gospels and false conversions within the evangelical church. Our day is one of confusion when it comes to truth, God's redeeming truth. So many cling to a false notion of God and his salvation.

I begin by examining the knowledge and experiences of Satan and demons in an effort to reveal the simple truth that saving faith must go beyond what is common to the demonic realm. These fallen angels know a great deal about Scripture, God, salvation, and Christ, yet they are and forever will remain lost and doomed. True saving faith mustn't merely be based on knowledge. Certainly, knowledge of these doctrines are important, but salvation must include repentance and a trusting in Christ Jesus alone for deliverance from the penalty of sin. This is a work of God that does not extend to demons.

After laying this groundwork, I proceed to focus on self-examination and sin. The idea is that if demons have all this knowledge and experience but are lost, we have to look at what we call salvation and make absolutely sure that it goes beyond the faith of demons. Chapters in this section deal with sin and false gospels, which give rise to false conversions and false assurance.

After looking in depth at these false gospels, I pull many examples from the Old and New Testaments to show that religious people often fell short of salvation. The idea all along is that religion and knowledge cannot save a person's soul. Only Christ can save.

The next and final section, the most important, focuses on the true gospel. After learning about all of the counterfeits, this is a breath of fresh air. The three chapters that comprise this section deal with faith, repentance, Christ, assurance, and the plan of God to redeem sinners. The section ends with a "What do we need" where I again gather examples from Scripture to highlight positive attributes and things we ought to emulate to change our church and glorify God. In the end, I conclude, we need God's grace. There is no hope or salvation without it!

Muchewicz did hours of research for ‘The Faith of Demons’, relying not just on his own thoughts, but other experts as well. “I quote and rely heavily upon Puritan authors, Reformed theologians (alive and past), and modern authors and their scholarship. I incorporate over two hundred and fifty quotes from these sources, as well as over two thousand from scripture.”

As the author points out, the reading of his book is vital for those who may have strayed into false gospels. “The truth is that souls are dying and going to hell,” says Muchewicz. “God’s gospel and his plan to redeem sinners must be heard. The complacent have to be stirred and those who slumber must be awakened.”

‘The Faith of Demons’ will be released in spring of 2014, available from Amazon.

For more information, visit the official website: http://faithofdemons.weebly.com.

About Rick Muchewicz
Hi, my name is Rick Muchewicz. I live with my family in Springfield Tennessee. My wife, daughter, and I attend and serve in a Southern Baptist church in Orlinda Tennessee (Pleasant Hill Baptist Church). I work to support them and enjoy writing on the side. I love to read, especially the puritans, church history, and reformed theology. I graduated from Boyce College of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I'm amazed at God's grace, long to be in heaven, desire to edify the saints, strive to feed the flock, love preaching and teaching the word of God and his glorious gospel, and am just a lowly pilgrim trying to progress. The Faith of Demons is my first book.