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Perth Web Design Company “Digital Domination” Helps Businesses Decipher SEO and Online Marketing


Perth, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2011 -- Website development and SEO Web design company Digital Domination has made it their mission to help small businesses in Australia to first understand and then harness the power of online marketing. The Perth Web design company specializes in user-friendly SEO Web design.

Despite its ubiquitous nature, few businesses understand how SEO and its dozens of individual elements actually work let alone how to use them to increase brand awareness and sales. As a growing agency, Digital Domination is determined to help businesses make sense of these terms and develop a unified plan for success. “Combining these elements in a customized fashion as part of a core business Website engine creates additional income streams for the business, but it all starts with the right core Website,” said a Digital Domination specialist.

With SEO Web design, all of the elements either feed or are fed by the three key components of a flexible Website structure, original content and backlinks. Original content helps the Website avoid search engine penalization while also enhancing visitor experience with business niche insights, brand familiarity and providing an engine for backlinks. Backlinks are critical to SEO because they help search engines assist users in finding the most relevant content for their queries.

The Perth Web design company emphasizes Website designs that maximize flexibility and ease of use on the visitor-accessible front end and flexible content management on the business-accessible back end. The front end of the Website should create, qualify and email the business new lead details, answer client questions and communicate problems solved by the service or product.

The back end should provide an easily managed content management system (CMS) that allows media management of photos, videos and audio as well as flexibility to modify page layouts and access to the Website’s hot spots for special promotions or notices. “Your Website should work like your best salesperson, which means that it should not only be aesthetically appealing and friendly, but also be a quality sales engine with numerous feelers working together behind the scenes,” said the expert.

Combining all of the above takes a team of skilled professionals working together to produce an amazing Website that is a sales engine for making money. These are the things that set apart the successful businesses and the skills that set apart Digital Domination from every other Website design and online marketing company in Perth and Australia.

About Digital Domination
Digital Domination was formed in April 2011 after much demand of the owner Steve Fitzpatrick as a result of numerous requests from businesses who had seen his own personal results from his separate consulting company. Many of those businesses were being 'sold' services but they just weren't performing. After months of being asked the decision was made to launch Digital Domination and incorporate online marketing services including web design, increased traffic and lead generation using SEO and PPC methods and further site optimisation. For more information on Digital Domination, please visit http://www.digitaldomination.com.au/