Pest Busters

Pest Busters States They Are Heroes in the Fight Against Insect Elimination in Singapore

The company website frames its staff as heroes in an epic battle against the invading insect world, coming to the rescue of customers in Singapore.


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2013 -- In Singapore, pest control is serious business. The National Environment Agency spends significant sums every year in clearing away insects and keeping the region’s environment an inviting space for business and investment from all over the world. The NEA cannot find and exterminate every insect however, and companies, homeowners and individuals still have to hire exterminators when they discover an infestation. Like the Ghost Busters before them, Pest Busters have pulled out all the stops to ensure they are the one answer to the question, “Who you gonna call?”

The company describes it’s pest management ‘battleplan’ in terms of the services it provides, and pinpoints the ‘enemy’ by describing the kind of insects they are equipped to deal with. Their arsenal of ‘weapons’ describes their equipment and their ‘allies’ can be seen in the companies they have worked for.

The website is accompanied by a heroic score and custom painted images of exterminators playing out their roles as fantasy heroes, charting the evolution of man from cave dweller to city dweller in his everlasting fight against pests, led by CEO Thomas Fernandez.

Their unique perspective on their work as a crusade has seen them answer the call from neighboring countries including Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam, offering pest control management on behalf of multinational clients, but they will still send their heroes into the field on behalf of the average caller.

A spokesperson for the company explained, “International visitors perhaps won’t understand that the scale of the insects in Singapore necessitates the epic scale of our undertaking, and as our staff work tirelessly on behalf of clients to eliminate these nuisances, we wish to frame them as they deserve to be recognized. Singapore is a hot, tropical climate and attracts a huge array of insects which can be harmful to human health, carrying and spreading disease. The service they provide involves handling hazardous materials and some very unpleasant environments. In this way, they are heroes, and will come to the rescue of any of our clients when we get the call.”

About Pest Busters
PestBusters was founded in Singapore on the mission that the company would set the standard for the Pest Control Industry. Established in 1991, the company quickly became one of the most trusted names in the hospitality industry. PestBusters has maintained an unparalleled reputation for quality since its inception. They eliminate pests such as cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, mosquito’s, ants and rodents from the home and office. For more information, please visit: