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Pest Control Company Launches Affordable Heat Treatment System That Can Eliminate Bed Bugs on Any Type of Property and Budget


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2014 -- Bed bugs continue to be a big problem for many property managers, landlords and home owners in the Boston area. While the “bed bug boom” of recent times has leveled off a bit, the bloodsuckers are still a regular occurrence in many residential buildings and commercial properties.

Ultra Safe Pest Management has been on the front lines of bed bug remediation since the resurgence happened over a decade ago. The company is continuously exploring better technology, treatment methods and the equipment used to exterminate bed bugs and other pests around the city of Boston.

We caught up with Ultra Safe President Victor Palermo at the company’s Boston Office located in the city’s Allston-Brighton neighborhood. According to Palermo, this neighborhood was “one of the areas hardest hit with bed bug infestations in recent years. It has even been nicknamed, “Bed Bug Headquarters”.

We asked Mr. Palermo what the motivation was for launching a new bed bug treatment system. He said “Heat or Thermal Remediation has been a valuable tool for pest professionals providing bed bug extermination services. The problem is, most of the heat treatment systems available are very expensive to own and operate which in turn drive up treatment cost. This has all but eliminated their use in low-income housing buildings, apartment complexes and other properties where the funds for this type of treatment might not be available.

In most of these cases the only option has been conventional pesticide based treatments. We felt that it was time for a treatment system that was environmentally responsible, effective and affordable to everyone”.

The new system is called the Hot-Box and was designed by BedbugInc.com, an organization focused on providing innovative solutions to the Pest Management Industry. The Hot-Box is basically a highly portable thermal chamber. It can heat infested furniture, appliances, clothing and other personal items to 130 degrees F, a temperature that is lethal to all stages of bed bugs and their eggs.

“The Hot-Box system is much faster and safer than conventional propane or electric treatment systems. The cost to purchase and operate the system is also a fraction of what the other systems cost” said a spokesperson at Bedbuginc.com. “The cost savings are passed on to the end users like landlords, property managers, schools and homeowners.”

Bedbuginc.com reports that the technology and design plan behind the Bed Bug Cell was based on case studies and research published by Scientists and Entomologists at the University of Florida in Gainesville. The study utilized rigid foam insulation and inexpensive household heaters. “We had the pleasure of meeting some of these folks at the University Of Florida’s Entomology Department. That’s where the idea to create this this system was first inspired. The Hot-Box is basically the same concept as those early test systems except it has been refined and constructed to be much more durable, powerful and easy for Pest Professionals to transport and operate onsite. The system is made in the USA.

The Hot-Box Bed Bug Treatment System Features

1). Lightweight yet durable construction design for easy transport and set-up
2). Reduces treatment preparation
3). High Efficiency Heaters that utilize standard 120v power supply and facilitate faster target temp times.
4). Easy to set-up around furniture and belongings compared to other systems that require items be moved into a chamber
5). Safety features and self-contained design reduces or even eliminates the need for expensive fire details, disarming of alarm systems and permit hassles
6). Affordable, only a fraction of what most bed bug heat treatment systems cost!

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