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Pest Control Not Only for House Maintenance but Also a Business and Life Saver

Many people pay for pest control services to protect their homes but several reports now show that this can save your business and life too.


Port Melbourne, VIC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- When people hire pest control services, they often pay for these to get rid of the inconvenience of living with unwanted pests at home. And who would be willing to put up with rodents stealing food at the kitchen, or termites eating away the lovely walls of their homes? But there may be more benefits to hiring a pest control professional rather than just an added expense as other people would think of. It could save lives and even save a food business.

Just take a look at how this woman died in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Fifty-five year old Rebecca Van Bibber of Tulsa was in her son’s house for a visit. While sleeping in one of the bedrooms of the son’s house, a tree fell, killing her in the process. The accident also reportedly killed a dog. Luckily, her son was in another room of the house which left him uninjured. Authorities are now looking into termites as the possible cause of the accident after considering that there were no strong winds or storm that day.

Meanwhile, a family in Weldon Spring, Missouri was forced to leave their home after discovering that this was infested with venomous brown recluse spiders. Brian and Susan Trost bought the house in 2007, but later found out that the house was infested with the dangerous crawling insects. They thought that cleaning would solve the problem, only to discover that more were hiding in its nooks and crannies. The couple filed for a lawsuit against the previous owners for nondisclosure of the pest problem and were awarded $472,110 after the jury voted in their favor. However, their insurance company refused to pay for the pest treatment. Afraid that their children would get hurt, the family eventually moved out of the house for good.

In the food business industry, cleanliness is considered utmost priority. When council officers found 120 roaches at the China Wings restaurant in Bradford, this was served a closure notice by the court. Dubbed as a health risk,the restaurant will only be allowed to reopen once proven that the pests are no longer a threat.

Though the incidents happened in other parts of the world, an Australian company still reacted to these reports since they too are engaged in the pest control business. Mark Brandon, pest control specialist at Safeand Sound Property Inspections, says that pest control is a serious business that could only be done with the right methods. “The different incidences only prove that pests will not only tear down your garden or home, but could seriously hurt you physically or financially too. If you want to protect your kids from being bitten by venomous spiders or keep your food business afloat, then call a reputable pest control professional to do it for you the soonest time possible. It’s a small investment that worth’s every penny considering the benefits it could give you in return.”

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