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Pet Enclosure Company Says Best Defense for Changing Market Trends Are Smarter Products

Coops And Cages, a pet housing provider, says that they are expecting to have good sales despite changing market trends in the pet industry by offering great products.


Carlton, VIC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2014 -- The pet industry has proved to be one of the most powerful income-generating business sector to be in. This has repeatedly recorded remarkable performances in the past twenty years. But while this may be so, there are significant changes in the buying activities of people, including some trend predictions that pet industry business owners should take into consideration. In line with these said changes, the marketing team of Coops And Cages, one of Australia’s pet enclosure providers, says that they have seen this coming and that their smart products should be able to keep their sales up as always.

So what has changed in the past decade? Today, more and more people are joining the bandwagon of other people who are into green living. They eat organic produce, engage in recycling, choose to use energy efficient appliances, and for those in business, make their products safer for the earth. But people are not the only ones who are being caught up on this trend. They too are also including their pets in their green lifestyle. Just like they would only purchase earth-friendly products for themselves, they make sure that the items used by their pets are safe for the environment too.

As for future pet industry trend changes, it is expected that this will continue to see significant growth. Furthermore, predictions say that there will be a lot of acquisitions, several new products will be created, and partnerships within the pet industry sector will be created. Although the overall predictions for the pet industry looks very promising, this may not reflect the future gains of smaller business entities. The well-funded companies are the ones who may be able to benefit greatly from the mentioned predictions. It will be tougher to compete with companies who can afford to have excess funds to promote their products and services.

With all of these changes, Jordan Walker, chicken coops quality inspector at Coops And Cages, says that people in their company are unperturbed. When asked why, he said this. “Small companies do things differently compared to the mammoths. While bigger companies would invest in intensive marketing, here at Coops And Cages, we invest in the quality of our products. So far, when there are changes in market trends, the quality and sustainability of our products make our customers come back for more. And through these customers, we even get to gain new customers because of word-of-mouth advertising. For us, offering smart products will keep you afloat through changing trends.”

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