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Pet Industry Has the Potential to Cash in on Expensive Products and Services

Pet industry businesses have much to look forward to with pet owners expected to spend more on pet products and services like spa, luxury items, and health insurance.


Carlton, VIC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2014 -- If they are already receiving more attention than the previous years, most pets still have something better to look forward to in the coming years. Experts are now saying that pet owners are expected to spend more cash on different pet products and services. The pet industry has remained strong even during the recession. Now that the worldwide economy is taking a shift for the better, does this mean that pet owners around the globe will now be able to indulge their pets with expensive goods and services? So what could be the possible splurges that pets would be enjoying soon?

Purina offering health insurance may have found a niche that can earn them more in the future. Pet owners are now regarding their animal companions as real members of the family and are ensuring their health by buying health insurance for added coverage. Aside from insurance, a visit to the vet is now a standard practice for people with pet like dogs, and recorded a whopping $13 billion alone on vet bills as shown by the American Pet Products Association (APPA).

And if the ladies make it a point to go to the salon or spa for instant relaxation, many pet owners would want their pets to look just as good and treat them to the same types of services. They will be taking them more frequently on pet spa salons for hair and nail treatments. Aside from these, it is expected that luxury items will take off in the future. Following the popularity of small dog breeds, many pet owners are showering their four-legged pals with expensive luxury pet clothes and shoes. They would even buy an expensive tote bag so that they could carry their small pets in style.

For food, pet owners are expected to be more choosy of the products that that they buy. After the massive recalls imposed by some companies on pet foods due to contamination, pet owners will now learn to read labels carefully and will be choosing products that are labeled organic or natural even though these are a bit pricier.

So are these indications of better future for pets? For Jordan Walker, pet enclosure designer at Coops And Cages, this could be the start of better pet conditions for some pets, but admits that there is still more work that needs to be done. He was quoted saying. “When one pet is made happier because its owner has given it all the best that his money could buy, then that is great to hear. But you see, there are also pets out there that are not receiving any form of privileges.These are the abandoned ones in shelters, others on the other hand are stray. I would really love to see the day that everybody, individuals and pet industry businesses and organizations, would be able to find a way to greatly reduce this problem through sponsorship and educational programs.”

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