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PETA Buys Groupon Shares to Stop Deals with Circus Companies and Zoos


Wynewood, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2014 -- PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) claims that many zoos, sanctuaries, circuses and the related are holding animals captive and mistreating them. They have adopted a new way of buying shares in these companies so that they can release captive animals without any direct interference of these organizations. The recent act of PETA buying Groupon Shares took the industry by surprise. PETA is believed to have bought these shares with a sole intention to stop the deals between Groupon and the zoos/ sanctuaries/ circuses. Circus companies or zoos will not get an opportunity to run or advertise deals on this site now. PETA says it would attend Groupon’s Annual Meeting that is going to be held on May 20th hoping to influence the companies that are allowed to run deals on the site.

The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoo was also accused of animal abuse by PETA. It is quite a disturbing allegation because GW Interactive Zoological Park was founded with an aim to protect and care for exotic animals that were found in an abusive condition or extreme situations or those which were abandoned by the owners. Each and every animal species is treated with utmost care and kindness. The team comprises of licensed vets and well-trained staff who provide professional care to the park animals within the facility. Joe Exotic is one of the leading experts in the world who has years of experience in taking care of big cats.

The Zoo has over 170 tigers and lions and is recognized as the world’s largest accredited refuge for big cats in the world. Joe Exotic TV is an interactive internet TV that broadcasts live animal shows every day. The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological is not terrified by any allegations and will continue to fight them in future as well. The zoo is a home and will remain so for the abandoned, misplaced and the abused animals.

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The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological, based at Wynewood, Oklahoma was started in 1997 by Francis and Shirley Schreibvogel. The zoo was named after their son Garold Wayne Schreibvogel who died in a tragic accident and who never got a chance to live his dream of going to the jungle and see all the animals running wild and free. This memorial park is dedicated to all the loved ones who are really missed by their loved ones.

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