PetBath America Launches Crowdfunding Campaign via Indiegogo for the Pet Bath

The World's Most Advanced, No Muss, No Fuss, Self-Contained Pet Bathing Device


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2014 -- PetBath America is proud to announce a whole new and improved way to wash a pet without the fuss and the mess usually involved. PetBath offers a technological solution to an age old problem; how to give a pet the bath they need without the drama of a fussy pet, the mess to clean up, the discomfort and even pain from constant bending and stooping... while making it convenient to bathe your pet anytime and anywhere regardless of where in the house for an indoor bath or battling the weather conditions if giving an outside bath. With the PetBath none of these problems matter one way or the other.

That’s because PetBath is a completely self-contained bathing device. The first portable product of its kind, the PetBath is as simple in its design as its effective in what it does. Your pet simply enters the PetBath. The pet’s head sticks out of a comfortable hole in the front of the PetBath giving them all the air and comfort they want and the reassurance they need from seeing their owner and familiar surroundings. The water jets apply shampoo, conditioner all over the animal as the owner washes their pet through the wide access doors. This patented time saver makes bathing a pet fun and easy.

The details of how the PetBath works are very straightforward; There are multiple water jets on the inside that gently spray water all over the pet. The owner stays dry as they apply shampoo and/or conditioner via the control valve or manually if preferred. When the water, shampoo and/or conditioner is applied the pet parent just opens the side door(s) and gives their pet a good scrubbing while they stay safe and sound in the PetBath. Once the pet is squeaky clean, the usual rinse off takes place. Close the doors so the pet can shake themselves dry. With the doors closed, the water goes nowhere; it stays & drains right in the PetBath. That’s how the pet gets the bath and the owner doesn’t.

The features of the PetBath make the advantages self-evident: Pet grooming costs are reduced or eliminated, bathing can be done indoors in any room – even in a small apartment – with no second thought at all to bad weather. The high quality USA made, plastic components are rugged yet lightweight, allowing for extreme portability. Also, the advanced design from water jets and rubber neck hole to groomer leash connector all prove it was created for safety and convenience.

The crowd funding campaign starts on October 15, 2014 and is designed to raise funds to finalize several critical details including enhanced mechanical drawings of the final design, perfecting the prototype, securing addition patent protection and paving the way for mass production and finally consumer distribution.

Key components of the campaign include a Social Service commitment by the company to donate used units to adoption agencies, shelters, and organizations that are committed to help the pet population. There are also weekly contests to win a FREE PetBath and the Rewards and Perks are the most unique in the industry!

Crowd funding campaign ends on November 30th

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