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Pete Williams Has Unleashed "Profit Hacks"

Profit Hacks shows individuals how to increase their revenue on the internet.


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2012 -- There are many individuals who are using ProfitHacks in order to increase their income on the Internet. ProfitHacks shows clients how to increase their revenue, while working ninety percent less than they currently do.

The courses have been neatly divided into five key areas. The five key areas have been developed in order to help Internet marketers get past those overwhelmed feelings, lack of motivation and misdirected focus that is holding them back from succeeding online.

The five main areas include
- Hacking Content Consumption
- Hacking Communication
- Hacking Content Creation
- Hacking Content Leverage
- Hacking Team Building

All five modules are packed full of lessons with resourceful information. Profit Hacks offers swipe, deploy systems, process maps and job adverts for each lesson they teach. They are currently in the process of adding a new module that has a walk-through blueprint – hack setting up your list, hack your YouTube channel, hack getting published, hack becoming an authority and much more.

These days, in order to get anywhere online, individuals need to constantly post blogs, know about social media, maintain the site, post content on the site, create products, get on YouTube, film videos and much more. Most of all, everything the website owner does will need to be professional and effective.

Pete, who is the creator of Profit Hacks is a real award winning entrepreneur with a couple of offline businesses. He enjoys doing his online business during his free time. Pete is an author, marketer and entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia. Pete has written an international bestseller “How to Turn Your Million Dollar Idea into a Reality.” In 2009, he was honored as the Global Runner-Up in the JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Awards.

About Profit Hacks
Profit Hacks offers five main courses. Each one of the courses is packed full of resourceful information that will help the Internet marketed increase their revenue.

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