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Peter A. Fields MD, DC Offers Prolotherapy Treatment for Shoulder Pain


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2014 -- Peter A Fields MD, DC is also known as The Athletic Doc® for his attention to the realities of athlete injuries and alternative treatments available such as prolotherapy. As one of the few doctors in the country licensed as both a medical doctor and a chiropractor, The Athletic Doc® offers treatments such as prolotherapy in Los Angeles for those who want an alternative to surgery.

Peter A Fields MD, DC has become a leading shoulder injury doctor in Los Angeles due to his work with prolotherapy patients. His website outlines many shoulder injury facts at The Athletic Doc® also offers treatment for hip, knee and back issues.

Shoulder injuries and conditions are very common in athletes and include the following:

- Rotator cuff tears. These are very common injuries in football and other contact sports. Prolotherapy speeds the healing process, allowing athletes to get back to playing sports sooner.

- Osteoarthritis. Most chronic pain is due to osteoarthritis and can be treated with prolotherapy, even for those of advanced age. While there is no known cure for arthritis, prolotherapy has been very successful in relieving pain and even reversing joint damage.

- Joint instability. Joint instability can accelerate arthritis and may result in cartilage wear and bone spurs if left untreated.

- Dislocations. These most often occur when a person "lands" on an outstretched hand but can also result from a direct blow to the shoulder. In many cases, a dislocated shoulder involves stretched tendons or ligaments.

The Athletic Doc® can help those who are seeking alternatives to shoulder surgery as a way of dealing with this health issues. With the help of Peter A Fields MD, DC patients can enjoy freedom from pain and complete healing through alternative treatments such as prolotherapy.

About The Athletic Doc®
Peter A Fields MD, DC has trademarked the name The Athletic Doc® to highlight his commitment to physical fitness as well as to athletes and the particular injuries that they suffer. By offering alternatives to surgery such as prolotherapy treatment in Los Angeles, Peter A Fields MD, DC is able to treat athletes and others with a shoulder surgery alternative in Los Angeles.

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