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Peter Klamka Tutoring Enlightens Readers on MASTERING MATH in the SUMMER


Nashua, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2014 -- The lazy days of summer are at the halfway point for most students. Time to think about the upcoming academic year. Summer and math are not inconsistent. In fact, most students who excel in the fall do a little maintenance work during the summer. The best students often work on math year round. Some are gifted and they don't need as much reinforcement.

“As a teacher, I see the entire spectrum of students. I can tell you that summer practice is the key to a great academic year. There is no offseason for the best math students regardless of the grade level,” added Peter Klamka, a math teacher and tutor in New England.

Here are five suggested tips for summer math practices.

Math lunches. Take 30 minutes during lunch to do a few math problems. Practice whatever skills were weakest during the past year so the foundation is strong for September

Math before movies. Summer movies are a lot of fun. Popcorn and friends at the cinema can make for great memories. Why not do 30 minutes of math before leaving for the theater? Math before movies can become a great routine.

Card Games for Younger Students. A simple deck of cards can be used in all sorts of math games. “21” is a math game that most students don't even realize can help them!

Math Sprints. Math sprints are a series of timed worksheets of various levels of difficulty. Family members can compete for small prizes to see who is the fastest and the most accurate.

Math before games. The laptop and the tablet are everywhere. Why not make a rule that one of the math sites must be visited for 30 minutes before any other site is visited. This can be a tough one especially on the teenagers but a little discipline in the summer goes miles in the fall.

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