Peter Leeds Announces Free "Rapid Learning in Penny Stocks" E-Book

Penny stock professional Peter Leeds is pleased to announce the free availability of his e-book, "Rapid Learning in Penny Stocks."


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/31/2012 -- Peter Leeds, the publisher of the world famous Peter Leeds penny stock newsletter, and author of "Invest in Penny Stocks," is pleased to announce the free availability of his latest e-book, entitled "Rapid Learning in Penny Stocks." The e-book is a concise 26 page document designed to get new penny stock investors and traders up to speed quickly, and lead them to the best in low-priced shares.

According to Leeds, "Rapid Learning in Penny Stocks" is focused on quickly helping penny stock investors to avoid the common pitfalls. Along with pointing out the main causes for concern, and methods to avoid them, the e-book also indicates several strategies for profiting from the best types of fundamentally solid penny stock.

"There are many penny stock traders in America and worldwide," mentions Leeds. "The e-book is designed to best protect them first, then lead them to finding the best penny stocks out there. Penny stock concepts like 'The 3 Don'ts of Penny Stocks,' and 'Secrets of Penny Stocks,' quickly bring penny stock traders to the best of the best from among the universe of low-priced investments."

"Rapid Learning in Penny Stocks" is available for free at Peter Leeds' newsletter's website. The e-book can be read online, printed, downloaded, or shared, as individuals best see fit.

When asked about the types of wisdom available in the report, Leeds is quick to point to the explanations of the dangers of free penny stock tips, giving out your e-mail address, or shares that trade on the Pink Sheets.

The report also explains why averaging down is not the best strategy, how reverse splits can trick you in penny stocks, and how to properly use the best stock screeners.

"Rapid Learning in Penny Stocks" also touches on some low-level technical analysis, and includes the best charts and graphs to help even the best trader.

"An important part of the e-book," continues Leeds, "is the discussion of the best questions to ask the investor relations contacts of the various penny stock companies. You should want to call the penny stock companies, and ask them specific questions. The free e-book describes the best types of questions to ask, and the best strategy to learn from the process."

The e-book is the latest in several educational efforts that Leeds has created for investors in penny stocks. Previous accomplishments by Leeds include his book, "Invest in Penny Stocks," his public Facebook forum, public speaking engagements, online educational penny stock materials, and running a penny stock panel at the World MoneyShow.

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