Peter Leeds' Newsletter Gives Novice Investors an Investment Advantage on Which Penny Stocks to Buy, Now with a 14 Day Trial

Peter Leeds is a renowned and respected penny stocks expert. He along with his team of researchers provides a daily newsletter and investment guides to his subscribers to advise them which penny stocks have the best potential and which ones to avoid. His newsletter is geared towards novice investors who are new to penny stock investing. It guides them on which stocks may make above market gains. He has now made his newsletter available to new subscribers for a 14 day free trial period.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2012 -- During the trial period, investors will receive exclusive research data on which penny stocks to pick and which to avoid. Such research information is exclusive to Peter’s subscribers and is available for new investors to test out during their trial period. These trial users and subscribers will be part of the exclusive group who receive Peter’s investment recommendations and can utilize his years of research to make profits in the market.

According to Peter Leeds, “We specialize in which penny stocks to buy and which penny stock picks have potential. As we reveal undiscovered penny stocks of the highest quality, investors can take advantage of this exclusive information. These penny stocks picks trade for $5 per share or less, some as little as a few pennies.”

Peter will help investors learn which penny stocks to buy through his hot picks list. The newsletter is written for beginners, helping investors to read and understand everything there is to know about his penny stocks recommendations and picks.

The best part of the Peter Leeds’ Newsletters is that investors will see why each recommended stock is the best penny stocks to invest in for today’s market, as each penny stock pick passes his Leeds Analysis and is more likely to multiply in value in the short term than investing blindly.

Announcing the subscription offer, an expert working for Peter Leeds says, “You will have instant access to everything mentioned here, including the full Peter Leeds service with all Hot List penny stock picks, daily updates, buy and sell price opinions, profit maker articles, and more. “

He announces that this is a special limited time offer and includes the new E-Book "Pennies to Fortunes" by Peter Leeds.

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