Peter Leeds Provides the Best Penny Stock Trading Strategies for Turbulent Markets

Peter Leeds, an expert in the penny stock market now offers the trading strategies which help investors manage their trades during turbulent market conditions. Leeds, a highly-skilled stock market professional, is providing the opportunity for amateur investors to learn how to effectively trade penny stocks by subscribing to his Penny Stock Newsletter.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/30/2012 -- Peter Leeds' self-authored online newsletter provides straight talk and investment discussions on break-out stocks. The newsletter also contains a separate section with a detailed list of hot penny stocks available on the market and which ones to avoid as well.

Penny stocks are a popular option for beginner investors who want to learn about the stock market without a massive investment. Peter recommends that these investors will be most successful by combining low initial investments with big returns by picking low-priced stocks that can turn $1,000 into $1,000,000 in less than 50 trades. His years of trading research and experience help his investors to flourish even in tough times.

The secret, says Peter Leeds, is being able to tell when a penny stock is about to skyrocket. By following the market very closely Peter and his team execute these strategies on a daily basis. The Penny Stock Guide newsletter includes weekly penny stock picks to help members buy a great stock at low prices, and informs them of up and coming stocks that have the potential to skyrocket. Peter Leeds and his team search for the most promising and overlooked micro caps on the market today. The team at specializes in finding companies ripe for a profitable turnaround or a profitable run.

Penny stock trading without proper guidance can result in devastating outcomes. However Peter Leeds’ expert advice can help investors select the penny stocks that can increase their ROI and avoid the duds that will lose them money. The criteria for selecting these profitable companies are the same for all stocks: through fundamental analysis investors should assess the company and look at aspects like viability of the product, profitability, resilience and management. There is a great potential for these small companies to grow, especially if investors are armed with the proper knowledge that the Peter Leeds Penny Stocks Guide offers.

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