Peter Leeds Reveals 29-Point Leeds Analysis and Top Trading Secrets for Selecting Penny Stocks


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2013 -- Peter Leeds adheres to his 29-point ‘Leeds Analysis’ – a well-constructed method to analyze various stocks that gives him an unusual ability to beat the market and find profitable investments. This 29-point Leeds Analysis has helped clients achieve huge financial gains. This has also given investors great insight into the best penny stocks investment strategies.

One representative at Peter Leeds’ organization says, “With our 29 point Leeds Analysis and well-constructed follow up program, our team works and follows behind the scenes to find the sleeper penny stocks, which even top trade gurus fail to identify or discover. Supported by a full team of hand-picked individuals, we have the background, resources, and strategies to keep uncovering exciting companies whose prices are about to skyrocket.”

The Leeds Analysis is the most crucial element of the stock evaluation process and this is what fuels the success of Peter Leeds and his team. This analysis plays a leading role in picking valuable penny stocks that are expected to achieve above average gains.

There are thousands of stocks on the market that can be purchased for less than $5. However, less than 5% of those stocks are seen by Peter as safe and sound investments. This 29 point stock analysis method helps him and his to team find clues about a prospect's future earnings trends, its efficiency compared to competitors, and the soundness of its financial structure.

Peter Leeds guarantees that all of the penny stock research that is done by him and his team is completely impartial. They don’t receive any kickbacks and are prohibited from taking any trading position in order to assure genuine trade exploration by them.

Peter is also the author of “Penny Stocks for Dummies”. The book contains more than 20 trading tactics that can be used by readers. These tips don’t just tell people how to pick good stocks and how to beat the market. In this book Peter also discusses how to avoid scams, dud stocks, and companies that are using a “pump and dump” strategy to artificially inflate the price of a stock.

About Peter Leeds
Peter Leeds is a leading penny stocks professional. He and his team publish Peter Leeds Penny Stocks, an online newsletter that's instantly accessible when you take your free trial. Leading the industry for over 12 years, and having provided more than 35,000 subscriptions, Peter Leeds is one of the most popular financial newsletters in North America. As a leading expert on penny stocks, Peter Leeds is frequently contacted by top media organizations like CNNfn, NBC, CBS, and Fox for his comments and views.

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