Peter Leeds, the Authority on Penny Stocks, Announces Publication Schedule for Upcoming Penny Stock Picks

"The leading authority on penny stocks, Peter Leeds, is pleased to announce the post-holiday publication schedule for their upcoming penny stock picks."


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2012 -- Author and public speaker on penny stocks, Peter Leeds, and publisher of the world famous Peter Leeds Penny Stocks newsletter, is pleased to announce the publication schedule for their upcoming penny stock picks. Given the shortened trading week due to the Labor Day holiday on Monday, the newsletter is releasing their newest Hot List penny stock pick on Friday after the close of the markets at 4 p.m. E.S.T. The penny stock picks are usually profiled on Wednesdays.

According to a representative from the Peter Leeds team, the rest of the publication schedule will remain unchanged. This includes daily updates on former and current penny stock picks, Profit Maker articles, buy and sell price opinions on all current picks, and other additional ongoing features. It also includes the penny stocks blog.

"We only put out the best penny stock picks, derived from our Leeds Analysis review," mentions Peter Leeds, the widely followed authority on penny stock picks, author, and public speaker. "It made the most sense to release our new penny stock on Friday, given the shortened trading week, as we always provide penny stock picks which we consider to be our best opportunity each week. If that means publishing the new pick on Friday is best for our Peter Leeds subscribers, then that is what we will do."

Leeds and his team make it clear that they accept no compensation from the penny stock picks they research and profile. With the 100% Unbiased Guarantee which they created, subscribers to Peter Leeds penny stock picks can be sure that the information they view comes free from vested interests or hidden motivations. Over the history of the Peter Leeds newsletter, neither Leeds nor any of his team members have received a single penny in compensation.

A representative from the Leeds team also mentioned that next week the publication schedule for their penny stock picks will be back to normal, with the selection being profiled as usual on Wednesday. The only exception to this, she mentioned, was on October 10th, when the Peter Leeds Penny Stocks team will release their newest Quick Fix report, instead of their regular penny stock pick. The Quick Fix features 10 undervalued, undiscovered penny stock picks, all trading under $1.

"The Quick Fix penny stock picks reports are great," says Leeds. "Instead of one weekly penny stock pick, subscribers are benefiting from 10 penny stock picks all at once. It is dramatically more work for myself and my team, but it is worth it, especially considering some of the better performing penny stock picks in recent history."