Peter Leeds, the Leading Expert in Penny Stock Investing, Participates in the Recent Financing for Digital Technology Company Yangaroo

Peter Leeds, author of "Invest in Penny Stocks" [John Wiley & Sons], and publisher of the world famous Peter Leeds Penny Stock newsletter, has announced participation in a recent $1,250,000 financing for Yangaroo Inc. (YOO) Currently trading at 4 cents, Yangaroo is a little known penny stock operating in the secure digital distribution industry.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/16/2012 -- Disclosure: Peter Leeds has direct and indirect ownership of Yangaroo shares, warrants, and debentures. He has also participated in various financings for the company. Leeds has no intention of selling any Yangaroo shares within the next several months. As this is a personal investment for Leeds, it should not be considered a Hot List selection for subscribers of the Peter Leeds Penny Stock newsletter.

Disclaimer: Yangaroo is a risky investment, and a thinly traded penny stock with high volatility. This release should not be construed as a recommendation to purchase the security, and any interested investor needs to do their own extensive due diligence, and take responsibility for their own decisions. Yangaroo is not an appropriate penny stock investment for many types of investors.

Peter Leeds, the most widely respected authority on penny stock investing, has announced his involvement in the recent $1,275,000 financing of Yangaroo Inc. Yangaroo currently trades at 4 cents per share on the Toronto Stock Venture Exchange under the ticker symbol YOO.

"Yangaroo is a penny stock which I've followed for a long time," mentions Leeds. "Excitement is building among investors as the company is only months away from profitability, and this most recent financing takes them well beyond that point."

Leeds explains that Yangaroo has a solid position in an industry with high barriers to entry, and their loyal client list reads like the who's-who in media. He goes on to mention that their attrition rate (clients leaving them) is practically zero, and the customers they do have are continuing to use Yangaroo more often and with larger orders. At the same time, they are bringing in new Yangaroo users very rapidly.

On their most recent financial report, Yangaroo indicated 104% year over year revenue growth, an EBITDA increase of 59%, and a reduction in net loss of 68%.

"It is a great vote on confidence to have the support of the foremost penny stock expert," mentions Gary Moss, CEO of Yangaroo. "The reputation of Peter Leeds is unmatched, and he is widely recognized for his ethics and ability to uncover low priced shares that have tremendous upside."

"Yangaroo passed my 29 point Leeds Analysis review, and is a penny stock in an incredibly unique position," Leeds explains. "The fundamentals of this penny stock are improving exceedingly rapidly, but the shares haven't yet responded. When they do begin to catch up to the stunning growth levels, I believe shareholders in this penny stock will look pretty smart."

Asked what downsides there may be, Leeds explains, "Any investment can go to zero. Anything can happen, especially in the penny stock world. A more likely scenario would be that a bigger company engages in a hostile takeover of Yangaroo. Where else can you gain Disney, CBS, ABC, and ESPN as customers in one move? While a takeover would be very good for YOO shareholders in the short term, it could curtail the longer term gains I am personally expecting from the company."

Yangaroo has a shareholder rights plan in place, which is intended to discourage takeover attempts, and make the company more costly to potential purchasers.

Leeds expresses his confidence for the entire management team, and also gives tremendous credit to all the staff at Yangaroo. "They are doing something which has a major benefit to the companies they serve, and that in turn benefits the end viewers of the ads and award shows, and the listeners of the audio spots."

About Peter Leeds
Peter Leeds is the author of "Invest in Penny Stocks," a public speaker, and the most widely respected authority on penny stock investing. Along with his full team, they publish the leading and leading and world famous penny stock newsletter to subscribers on six continents, which is available at After 15 years in business, neither Peter Leeds nor any of his team members have ever taken any compensation from any of the penny stock companies they have profiled or analyzed.

About Yangaroo
Yangaroo Inc. passes digital music and advertisement files between parties, in a secure fashion and at less cost. Their customers include almost all top media from television and radio, with such outlets as CBS, Sirius, Disney, BET, MTV, Columbia, ESPN, CMT, ABC, A&E, and many more. Their shares trade on the Toronto Stock Venture Exchange under the symbol YOO, and on the Pink Sheets under the ticker YOOIF. For more information, visit them online at