Peter Leeds Unveils the Best Penny Stocks to Invest in for 2013

Peter Leeds will soon uncover the best penny stocks to invest in for 2013. After delivering very strong results to his subscribers in 2012, Peter Leeds has helped subscribers make above market average gains with his hot penny stocks picks.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2012 -- Combining the most important aspects of both fundamental and technical analysis in his newsletter 'The Penny Stocks Guide', the subscription includes immediate access to the top penny stocks, daily updates, the penny stock tip sheet, new penny stock picks weekly, along with full company reports, buy and sell price opinions, quick fix reports, Q&A, a quick start pack, a risk-free paper trading guide, special reports and features 50+ profit maker articles.

The newsletter has a tremendous following of over 32,000 subscribers and with that it has emerged as the industry’s leading and trusted investing guide. The trust stems from the fact that the team uses their proprietary Leeds Analysis to make profitable stock recommendations for subscribers. Finding excellent companies to invest in is a major task that requires selecting the best penny stocks and buying and selling them at the right time.

Peter Leeds’ picks are put through his rigorous 29 points Leeds Analysis. Over years, he has perfected his 29 point Leeds Analysis to aggregate all sources of research data and pick out the non-performers and select the hot penny stocks worth investing in.

Peter Leeds advises subscribers how to select the best investments and the hot penny picks so they can earn profits from their trading. The services are available for subscribers wherein they can get a free trial for limited time of 14 days. The free trial includes weekly picks, buy/sell trading prices, daily updates, full company reports, 50+ bonus trading articles and phone and email support.

About Peter Leeds
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