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Peter M. Rumack DDS Announces a Free Consultation Special for Dental Implant Patients

Dental implants offer many benefits over conventional dental treatments


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2014 -- Dr. Peter M. Rumack DDS recognizes that everyone wants to have a beautiful smile, but may be unable to do so for various reasons. With the help of dental implants, this task becomes somewhat easier. To encourage people to check into dental implants, Dr. Rumack's office offers a free consultation, an introduction to the doctor and office, and a full mouth panorex x-ray. "Implant patients take $100 off a complete oral physical exam just by calling and setting up the consultation. Don't delay as everyone deserves a gorgeous smile, one they can't wait to show off," Dr. Rumack announces.

According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, approximately 15 million Americans make use of bridge or crown replacements for one or more missing teeth, yet three million now have implants, with this number growing significantly every year. Statistics such as this highlight the success rate of dental implants, a success rate of 98 percent. "Anyone who is missing one or more teeth should consider consulting with a Flushing Implant Cosmetic Dentist to determine if this option is right for him or her as, for many, it is," Dr. Peter M. Rumack, a dentist in Queens NY, states.

Many practices now offer dental implants as they are so successful. In addition, implants offer a number of advantages that won't be seen with conventional dental treatments for missing or failing teeth. The implant acts as an artificial root, one permanently set in the jaw, making it perfect for a wide range of applications. Dr. Rumack explains implants may be used to replace one or many teeth, as they replace a removable or permanent bridge. Although a bridge helps many, adjacent teeth must undergo work which can weaken them. This isn't an issue with implants, and implants hold and stabilize dentures while offering other benefits.

In certain situations, surgery may be needed in order for the implant to be placed. The goal remains to provide the highest precision when placing the implant, especially those which will be most visible or those with a minimal margin of error. Less time is needed to complete the procedure, which patients are also sure to appreciate.

"Patients find they have hope again thanks to dental implants in NYC. Set up an appointment with the office to discuss various options available for any dental issues being experienced. Each patient deserves an amazing smile, one they are proud to show off, along with normal chewing and a level of comfort that one desires. With the help of dental implants, achieving these goals has become easier than ever before," Dr. Rumack proclaims.

About Peter M. Rumack, DDS
Dr. Peter Rumack joined his father's practice in 1980, a practice first established in 1953 with the goal being to maintain a dental practice that was quality oriented. To do so, Dr. Rumack keeps up with developments in dentistry and offers treatment options which are safe, proven, enduring and reliable. Staff members, including Dr. Victor Terranova, share the same goals and philosophy, one which states each relationship with a patient is a partnership and dental practice staff must remember this when guiding patients toward appropriate solutions for their particular dental issues.