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Petfood Industry Looks at Retail Handling Solutions and Stock & Roll for Case-Packed Goods at Shelf Height

Petfood Industry Looks at Retail Handling Solutions and Stock & Roll for Case-Packed Goods at Shelf Height


Falmouth, ME -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2013 -- Petfood Industry is the leading global information source for pet food industry decision makers at manufacturers and related industry professional communities involved in developing, processing, marketing and packaging pet food products. Pet food and pet treat professionals, their customers and suppliers rely on Petfood Industry to improve their processes and grow their businesses. Petfood Industry readers include manufacturers and marketers of pet food and treats, nutritionists and others involved in formulating pet diets, retailers, distributors, and industry consultants.

Recently Petfood Industry profiled how Retail Handling Solutions has solved retailer stocking concerns with The Stock & Roll. It is an elegantly simple, one-of-a-kind device that solves common shelf stocking problems making the job faster, safer and easier in pet supermarkets or anywhere case-packed goods are displayed on shelves.

Petfood retail operations require automation according to Brian McNamara, founder of Retail Handling Solutions, based in Falmouth, Maine. Many of the processes, including retail stocking, is time consuming, labor intensive, and fraught with productivity road blocks and the potential for injury and product breakage. With all the advances made in other areas of the store, this key operation function has been largely ignored.

McNamara said, “The Stock & Roll adjustable platform presents case-packed goods at shelf height for faster, safer access with no need to stage loads on the floor or balance them on the edge of shelves. It eliminates bending, reaching, stretching, body contortions and wasted motion. It also reduces worker fatigue and the risk of common musculoskeletal disorders.”

By securely supporting heavy loads and non-rigid packaging the Stock & Roll eliminates need to support cartons, leaves both hands free for stocking or unit pricing/repricing. It also reduces dropped product, breakage, spills and associated housekeeping hassles.

Rolls easily between staging areas and stocking locations is another benefit to retailers because it easily transports cases of goods up and down aisles to restocking locations allowing U-boats and pallets to be kept in staging areas out of aisles. The cart eliminates walking back and forth while carrying heavy loads in aisles while allowing stocking to be done by all employees, regardless of size or physical strength.

The compact footprint and unmatched maneuverability ensures that restocking is accomplished with minimum customer inconvenience, even during peak traffic hours. The cart acts as “shelf extension” holding older inventory as newer items are stocked behind.

About Retail Handling Solutions
Retail Handling Solutions ( is at the core of revolutionizing retail products handling. For nearly a century not much has changed in the way retailers’ stock shelves. The process is time-consuming, labor intensive, and fraught with productivity road blocks and the potential for injury, product breakage, and customer inconvenience.

Recognizing that retail store operations are significantly different from manufacturing and somewhat different from warehousing, Retail Handling Solutions was created to concentrate the practical application of ergonomics on the specific circumstances of the retail work environment. Limited space, high volumes, thin margins, packaging necessities, as well as consideration for in-store shoppers and merchandising frequently require a unique approach to optimizing the productivity and safety of these stock handling applications.

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