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Pets Waggin Professional Dog Groomers and Animal Care Experts Share Long Haired Dog Grooming Tips


Severna Park, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2015 -- Pets Waggin offer a comprehensive list of services including pets spa and pet grooming in Anne Arundel County. The pet grooming team at Pets Waggin offers services such as bathing, trimming, brush outs, ear and nail grooming for dogs of all kinds. Each service is performed by experts with extra care to make the process easy on pets and ensure the job is done well every time. The Pet Waggin also includes a pet's supplies store that offers a wide variety of pet supplies including toys and treats.

Over the years, the grooming experts have worked with all kinds of dogs, including long and short haired ones. Their extensive experience enables them to understand and work with each dog according to their unique grooming needs; the experts understand that maintaining and grooming a long-haired dog can be more challenging compared to short haired dog grooming. For all those who wish to keep their dogs with long hair looking well maintained and groomed in between the visit to professional groomers, the grooming experts at Pet Wagging have shared tips to help dog owners keep their dog looking fluffy and smooth.

Keeping a long haired dog looking their best involves proper brushing and bathing techniques and routines. Experts believe that to make the process of grooming easier for the pet and the owner getting the correct material is important, this includes choosing the right combs and brushes, also selecting the right shampoos and conditioner made specifically for long hair dogs. To make the bathing process easier that dog grooming experts suggest using lukewarm water and working from the top down. After the bath pet owners can either let the dog's hair air dry or dry it using a blow dryer in a mild setting.

Long-haired dogs may also need regular hair trimming, experts suggest using personal trimmers for this purpose because the make the process easier and quicker. Another tip provided by the experts is the use of special detangling brushes to work out any tangles in a gentler manner and without pulling the hair.

About The Pets Waggin
The Pets Waggin are a small dog grooming in Annapolis shop located in Severna Park, MD and have served Anne Arundel County since 1982. Their professional dog and cat groomers and animal care experts have more than 50 years of collective experience and are dedicated to building a personal relationship with you and your pets.

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