Joe Bragg Releases How-to Guide for Pet Grooming and Announces the World's Best Dog Clipper


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- New dog owners may not realize all of the responsibilities that come with owning a dog. Along with feeding the dog and walking it, dog owners also need to groom their pet on a regular basis. Grooming is essential for healthy dogs and it keeps everything from their paws to their coat looking its best.

A website called recently unveiled a comprehensive dog grooming guide for pet owners. The website describes the intricacies of dog grooming, including a discussion of the best dog grooming tools available today. There are dog clipper rankings, for example, as well as an article about the ‘Love Glove’ dog grooming tool.

Along with specific product reviews, features information and how-to guides for pet owners who may not be sure how to groom their pet. Whether grooming a new pet for the first time or simply looking for an easier way to groom the family dog, these articles are designed to make grooming any pet as easy as possible.

Sample articles include:

- How to groom a poodle
- How much does dog grooming cost?
- How to quickly and easily clean a dog’s teeth
- Finding the best dog grooming courses online

But as a spokesperson for explains, the highlight of the pet grooming guide is the website’s verdict on the world’s best dog clipper:

“Many dog owners don’t realize how different dog clippers can be. When trimming a dog’s fur for the first time, the right pet trimmer makes all the difference. Cheap pet trimmers break down after just a few uses, but they can also cause unnecessary pain for the dog. When it came to choosing the world’s best dog clipper, we narrowed it down to two choices, and visitors can find out which clipper came out on top at the PetsGoLucky website.”

The two trimmers are compared based on their noise emission, blade quality, durability, and ease of handling. After discovering which dog clipper wins, visitors to can decide to purchase that clipper for a discount price using the link provided at the bottom of the top rated dog clipper review.

But the isn’t just about dogs. The website also features plenty of information for cat owners, including how to trim a cat’s fur and deciding whether or not to cut a cat’s claws. One article discusses the effectiveness of the ‘lion cut’ for cats, which leaves the head with fur while leaving the fur on the rest of the body short. That article also discusses whether or not that style of cut is cruel for the animal.

Visitors can find more pet grooming instructional guides and specific product reviews at

About is an informational website that reviews some of the best dog and cat grooming tools available today. Along with offering a selection of dog grooming how-to guides, the website also recently revealed its choice for the world’s best dog clipper. For more information, please visit: