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Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2014 -- Pet dogs, cats, and birds are more than just best friends. They are members of the family who deserve love and affection. To ensure their well-being, we need to provide healthy foods, comfortable accessories, professional healthcare, and probably insurance (Dog insurance has saved me a boatload). Pet owners may need to visit several sites and shops to get their actual pet needs, but is a good example of how a shop can provide almost everything your pets will need and want - in one place. I’m mainly speaking about the unique pet services that can’t be found in pet shops…Y’know, those purchases that require multiple Google searches!

In my opinion, here are the focal pet services that will get consumers to shop

Health Food Products and Dental

Little dogs under 1 year of age are prone to dental problems such as gingivitis and tooth fractures. Gum disease is one of the most common health problems in dogs, but you can prevent it by providing good dental care for dogs with the proper toothbrush and dental spray. Types of foods your dogs eat also play major role in dental care, and I was impressed how easy it was to find these health solutions at They offer products only from trusted vendors to make sure your pets get what they need to stay healthy.

Pet Sitting/Pet Walking Services – nationwide

This service is really cool. My neighbor Greg is a single dude who has two English Bulldogs, and travels a lot for work. Periodically he asks me to let the dogs out or walk them when his daughter can’t make it over while he’s away. Pet sitting or pet walking is more than just taking the pets to a walk in the park while pulling a leash. It is a professional service which allows pet owner to have confidence that their precious pets are in the good hands anytime they cannot take care of the pet themselves due to various reasons. You can actually subscribe to this service and customize it to your lifestyle. finds you a solution that steers you to professionals to do the job, understanding how pets behave, calming them down properly when necessary and caring for them. I’ll tell Greg the neighbor about that.

Pet Insurance quotes

Just like people, dogs and cats are not invulnerable to injuries and diseases. Some health problems may require serious medical attention, and even surgery. This can cost us big, big bucks. Medical/Vet treatments these days offer advanced techniques and equipment - and you get stuck with a medical bill that is unexpected & unmanageable. To avoid paying too much, and without sacrificing healthcare quality, I found that PetsPrime makes it really easy to find free quotes for pet insurance, and they provide all the info on a few of the top rated carriers in North

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