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PetVivo's Product Gives Pets a Leg Up for a Longer Lasting Future

Uptick Newswire spoke to John Lai, CEO of PetVivo Holdings Inc. regarding PETV’s product for the injected treatment of osteoarthritis called Kush and his hope to begin distribution of Kush in the first quarter of 2015. PETV’s treatment is designed to help animals, of all different sizes, to overcome and reduce the significant amount of painand joint damage caused by osteoarthritis.


Eden Prairie, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2014 -- PETV has a logical approach to helping animals with osteoarthritis, the product, Kush, has been tested in horses, dogs and rabbits with favorable therapeutic results. All the animal specimens testing have shown a consequential amount of progress in pain reduction and mobility. Testing begins with knowing that the animal has a chronic breakdown of cartilage in the joints that leads to pain, stiffness and inflammation. Once the joint defect has been determined, the joint space is filled with Kush particles which provides cushioning and reduces friction within the joint, in addition to providing nutrients and oxygen to cartilage. It has been well documented that with time and activity in all animals generally breaks down resulting in bone on bone rubbing producing pain and reducing the animal’s ability to walk and run comfortably.

The painful state that these animals experience can be prevented with different types of treatments already on the market. Unfortunately none of these treatments are long lasting or replace the missing slippery padding in the joint. Most treatments or injections that are used to help these pets only have short term effects treating the symptoms rather than the problem and even then the animal may still be in pain.

The Kush treatment is specifically designed to work with the body to improve joint function. These saline delivered gel particles supplement the synovial fluid to work with the joint and improve movement resulting in pain reduction. The treatment is a standard synovial space injection, optionally requiring only a local anesthetic, to allow natural healing by reducing the joints mechanical stress, unlike the other treatments on the market that really do not halt or slow the progression of the osteoarthritis condition. PetVivo believes the Kush particles can provide the missing cartilage function to alleviate the pain, halt the progression of further damage, and allow native reparative healing to occur. The Kush device is administered by a licensed veterinarian.

This Kush treatment, like the body’s natural synovial fluid, is like a cushion between the joints producing a painless movement and free movement to the subject’s joints. PETV will be launching this product through several veterinary product distributors. Come the beginning of 2015 PETV is excited to get the product onto the market and get the distribution ball rolling for the large number of pets impacted by osteoarthritis. Pet owners will have a piece of mind when their pet, which they consider part of the family, is able to have an improved quality of life.

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