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Phantom Fireworks Promotes Safety, Education and Product Knowledge in Advance of 4th of July

#1 Consumer Brand Fireworks Retailer Ensures Americans Enjoy Fireworks Safely


Youngstown, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/14/2016 -- Each year, millions of Americans step outside into the warm summer night to enjoy some spectacular fireworks shows at ballparks, riversides, and outdoor spaces across the country. There are also those fireworks enthusiasts who host their own firework shows in their backyards on a smaller scale, using aerial items, sparklers, fountains, and novelties. It can be easy, therefore, to get so wrapped up in all of the hype and excitement of the fireworks themselves that people often fail to properly secure their own safety and that of others. For many years now, Phantom Fireworks has helped consumers enjoy fireworks safely. They do so with in-depth "how to" videos, Safety Pamphlets, and multiple safety checks.

Phantom Fireworks is a charter member of the American Fireworks Standards Laboratory (AFSL). The AFSL operates the China Fireworks Quality Improvement Program – a testing program administered by an independent, internationally recognized testing laboratory. All fireworks sold by Phantom Fireworks are tested at the factory level in China for compliance with CPSC-enforced U.S. manufacturing and performance standards before shipment to the United States. Legislative and safety concerns are reflected in the company's membership and participation in the American Pyrotechnics Association, American Fireworks Standards Laboratory, National Fireworks Association, National Council on Fireworks Safety, Inc. and a host of state and local organizations.

For over 40 years, Phantom Fireworks has been delivering thrilling sparks, crackles, and bursts for enthusiasts young and old. As the #1 consumer brand fireworks retailer from coast to coast, Phantom Fireworks is no stranger to putting on a good show to fulfill customers' never-ending desire for fireworks. They operate 75 permanent showroom locations nationwide and over 1,200 roadside tents and stands coast to coast. With everything from sparklers to fountains to 500 gram aerial repeaters and finales, everyone is sure to leave with a huge smile of satisfaction.

"Fireworks are synonymous with the 4th of July, and we want to ensure everyone enjoys them safely," said Bruce Zoldan, CEO of Phantom Fireworks. He continued "Our Fireworks University section at details all the proper precautions fireworks enthusiasts should use to make certain their friends and family are a safe distance from the action. We ultimately seek to do everything possible to assure the safety of everyone this Independence Day and every 4th of July to come."

To ensure the safety of both the audience and those lighting the fireworks, Phantom Fireworks recommends the following safety tips:

· Keep a reliable source of water nearby
· Always wear safety glasses while lighting fireworks
· Never let children handle fireworks
· Do not use alcohol with fireworks
· Light fireworks on a hard surface
· Only light one fireworks item at a time
· Do not use malfunctioning or "dud" items

For a full list of our fireworks safety and tips, visit Fireworks University at

About Phantom Fireworks
The permanent open year round showrooms are fully stocked for this year's 4th of July season with the newest products as well as traditional fireworks fan favorites. In 2016, tents and stands will begin to appear around June 26 – although dates may vary slightly from state to state. With less than 25 days until July 4th, there is no better time to start planning for an epic celebration. Phantom's website is a great resource to discover thrills never known before or simply to reignite some plain old nostalgia. Whatever the case may be, customers can always be confident that their celebration will end with a bang they'll never forget!