Pharaohs Playground Spends 3 Days in the Belly of a Whale to Record Their Latest Album

With an intense amount of soul-searching and self-discovery, Pharaohs Playground emerged from their latest recording experience with 3 Days in the Belly of a Whale, set to be launched later this month in tandem with their featured track on WiFi PR Group’s compilation, Indie Anthems Vol. 5.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2014 -- Most musicians have probably never considered camping out in the belly of a whale for three days to produce their creative masterpiece. While there may not have been an actual whale involved, Brisbane rock trio Pharaohs Playground did indeed spend three dedicated, holed-up days creating their latest recording, 3 Days in the Belly of a Whale, to be launched at an album release show later this month. Their track “Soul Crusher” will also appear on WiFi PR Group’s compilation Indie Anthems Vol. 5, also being released this month.

Pharaohs Playground is a trio with a standard rock band lineup: William Lebihan on lead vocals and bass, Matthew Mikkelsen on guitars and Robert Penman on drums. Often compared to Black Crowes and Powderfinger, the group takes cues from musicians like Rolling Stones, vintage ZZ Top, ACDC, Jimi Hendrix, The Band, The Allman Brothers and other Australian rock bands. The result is a breed of rock with a hard edge that slices through the rock genre with a power and determination that has been fed by years of experience recording and performing.

Pharaohs Playground has been making waves for years. In the mid to late 90s, the band received airplay on the national radio station Triple J, which included one of their songs, “Forked Tongue,” on its compilation entitled THIRTEEN (1996). They also released their Forked Tongue EP (1995) and Latitude EP (1997) and toured extensively throughout the east coast of Australia with such acts as Skunkhour, the Dreamkillers and The Divinyls. They quickly became considered to be among Brisbane’s best live acts.

Nearly two decades later, their latest album, 3 Days in the Belly of a Whale (2014), takes an analog approach to the performing and recording process. They describe it as, “3 guys, 3 days – old school.” This is because the trio recorded all 12 tracks live to tape in only three days with no copy and paste and no auto tune—just raw, unfiltered music recorded to tape via a Neve console. They aim to celebrate the beauty of everything analog with this record, which harks back to the good old days they came from. While downloads are available, this project was largely aimed at a vinyl release, which listeners can find on the group’s Bandcamp page, and from there they can also purchase albums signed by the band.

This new recording follows their other most recent recording, their debut full-length, 12-track album, Many Hands (2012). Their reemergence on the scene was welcomed by the press, including Noel Mengel of Courier Mail who praised Many Hands, saying that, “They have made the best record of their lives.”

Pharaohs Playground have their track “Soul Crusher” featured on WiFi PR Group’s Indie Anthems Vol. 5, a compilation of international talent spanning a wide range of genres that WiFi PR hopes to put on the radar of music lovers and industry movers and shakers the world over. Released at Coachella, the digital mixtape was handed out on 3,500 download cards to festival attendees, and 1,500 more download copies are now available via the Indie Anthems Bandcamp website for a limited time.

To experience Pharaohs Playground live, fans can check out the band's album launch show at TEMPO Hotel in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on April 26th. This album launch will be a particularly great time to catch the band in full effect as they proudly show off 3 Days in the Belly of a Whale.

Pharaohs Playground’s digital downloads, physical CDs and vinyl records, as well as other merch items, can be found on the group’s Bandcamp page. Digital and physical copies are on CD Baby, or fans can purchase physical CDs at the band's live performances.

To get a glimpse of their sound, listeners can check out videos of some of Pharaohs Playground's older material on their YouTube channel, including live performances of “New Shoes” and “Emergency” and a video recording of a September rehearsal for the acoustic version of “Her Eyes.”

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