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Pharmacovigilance Careers in Germany – Market Size Is Expected to Increase Resulting in More Jobs for Ambitious Professionals


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2020 -- Professionals working in the pharmacovigilance sector play a vital role in tracking adverse events for newly approved drugs. Doctors are expected to relay any information they receive from patients about adverse reactions they have had to their prescribed medication. However, a shocking statistic by the World Health Organisation has stated that roughly 5% of doctors worldwide participate in a pharmacovigilance programme. The sector is hugely important to the safety of German citizens and beyond, roles are currently available in cities across the country from Berlin, to Hamburg, Frankfurt and Cologne. The global market size of the sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of above 12.8% before the end of the decade, according to Acumen Research. This is a promising verdict for individuals looking to progress further in their pharmacovigilance careers in Germany.

EPM Scientific specialise in global recruitment of the life sciences and have a team of 750+ expert consultants with local knowledge of the German pharmacovigilance industry as well as a global perspective due to their vast network of industry professionals. EPM Scientific have a developed a network of one million mid-to-senior professionals who are able to guide the firm with vast amounts of knowledge and industry know-how to enhance the consultant's ability to place passionate individuals onto their dream career path. Founded in 2012, EPM Scientific have been working for 8 years to secure specialist recruitment solutions in pharmacovigilance and beyond to give each client peace of mind that their talent acquisition is in safe hands.

The firm offers permanent, contract and multi-hire recruitment solutions to a wide range of specialist sectors from pharmacovigilance to clinical operations, medical engineering, research and development, medical communications and biometrics. The firm have a wealth of opportunities available for the right individuals. EPM Scientific pride themselves on their ability to provide peace of mind to companies looking to solve their biggest business challenge: talent acquisition. By refocusing on the regular training of their employees and consultants, EPM Scientific have made sure the best-in-class recruitment technology is used to serve every client and candidate. This allows for optimal results to be produced with every hire.

Our day-to-day work environment has changed in recent months and so has the need to re-evaluate how we manage our working systems to ensure they are benefitting everyone. EPM Scientific have recently published a whitepaper which questions the daily conversations consultants are having with clients, candidates and the worldwide workforce; how can we make sure we have a healthy work-life balance? In order to have these conversations business leaders must adapt their procedures the suit the online world we are now living in. This report is important for those in leadership roles to take a look at and figure out how to rebalance the work-life load to ensure the wellbeing and productivity of their employees is the priority.

"During uncertain times, EPM Scientific offers reassurance. Crises come in many different forms – financial crashes, oil gluts, and now a global pandemic", commented Luis Rolm, Global Marketing Director at EPM Scientific. He went on to say, "Yet, whatever the challenge, we remain steadfast in our service. We continue to offer guidance to clients in the Pharmacovigilance sector and help them secure top talent."

Roles currently available through EPM Scientific include: case management – manager, senior medical director – drug safety, sales representative spine, medical science manager gastroenterology, senior analyst commercial analytics, medical writer, director of business development, manufacturing technician, quality relationship manager and director of new innovations and technologies. To find out how to define your next career move or how to add talent to your business, get in touch with EPM Scientific's friendly consultants today. The team are dedicated to supporting candidates through every stage of the recruitment process from source through to hire.

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