PharmaFocus: HIV - R&D Strategies Towards Cure and Prevention


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PharmaFocus: HIV - R&D Strategies towards Cure and Prevention


It has been 30 years since the discovery that HIV is the causative agent of AIDS, and yet no preventative vaccine or cure that allows independence from lifelong antiretroviral treatment exists. Despite some recent setbacks, such as the discontinuation of the HVTN 505 clinical trial due to a trend of increased infection, there have been several promising advances in the cure and prevention of HIV infections. The RV144, a Phase III trial held in Thailand, reduced the risk of infection by 31.2% and energized the preventative vaccine field providing insight on how to better approach immunogen design. Other advances include therapeutic vaccines that induce immune responses that could clear infected cells, and histone deacetylase inhibitors to reverse latency and eliminate the viral reservoir. As it becomes more clear that combinations of different approaches can produce better results, in terms of viral clearance, companies begin to collaborate and initiate trials testing kick-and-kill approaches.


Key Questions Answered

- What are the main unmet needs that remain despite current antiretroviral treatments?
- What opportunities arise from these unmet needs?
- What are the new technologies that are positioned to address these unmet needs?
- What are the environmental factors that will affect the uptake of these new technologies?
- What challenges will the current players working on these new technologies face in the clinical trial setting and how can they overcome them?

Key Findings

- Novel therapeutic interventions could steal market share from ART but cannot replace it, as many of these regimens will have to work in combination with ART.
- Despite the initial promising results, pre-exposure prophylaxis will not be an effective means to curb the HIV epidemic. These efforts highlight the need of a prophylactic vaccine.
- New vaccines should utilize the heterologous prime-boost approach, i.e., the use of sequential vaccinations each time delivering the same epitope using different technologies.
- New approaches towards prevention and cure of HIV infection, have yield moderate results. It is becoming clear that combination regimens-sometimes involving ART- will likely increase efficacy.


- Overview of the latest advances in curative and preventative technologies. _x000D_
- Analysis of the interplay between current therapeutic approaches and future curative ones._x000D_
- Key topics covered include unmet needs, opportunities, and drivers and barriers specific to preventative and therapeutic vaccines, latency reversal agents and gene therapies.

Reasons to buy

- Understand the potential treatment paradigm shift and the challenges it might pose on the antiretrovirals market. _x000D_
- Identify promising companies for collaborations to develop regimens for HIV functional cure._x000D_
- Develop business strategies by understanding the trends shaping and driving the future of HIV treatment and prevention._x000D_
- Understand the challenges associated with the development of novel therapies.

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