Pharos Social Launches V.1 of Web-Based Platform That Non-Intrusively Monitors a Child's Social Media Activity

Non-intrusively monitor your children’s social media via web-based platform. Pharos Social announces advisory board of parents and kids for discussion on social media safety quarterly. Includes feature Social Safe Score, like a credit score for your children’s social media health.


Nashville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2017 -- Pharos Social, a product of Stacked Sports, a leading social media management tool, announced the launch of Pharos Social Version 1.

With the rise of cyberbullying and online predators, Pharos Social was was created by concerned parents to address these modern risks. Pharos Social is a web-based platform that uses various technologies to collect, analyze, and detect questionable social media content both incoming and outgoing that may be harmful - ideal for parents, their children, and college students. This technology is combined with additional resources and exclusive features in order to facilitate trust between parents and children, as an exciting new solution for social media monitoring via Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.

"This new issue, the question of safety and responsibility online, falls heaviest on the youngest generation of social media users." Benjamin Graves, CEO/Founder of Pharos Social

Pharos Social includes various features including, Social Safe Score, an algorithmic score based on the health and strength of ones connected social media accounts. It's like a credit score, but for social media. Other features include:

- Flagger - Pharos Social includes a system that reviews social media content automatically, so you don't have to invade your children's privacy to keep them safe.

- Notifier / Alerts - Receive alerts via SMS (text) or email whenever potentially problematic content is found.

- Top posts - Pharos Social showcases your child's most popular recent posts so parents can help them understand the elements of a healthy social media presence.

- Biggest Fan - Parents can see the friends who interact the most with their children on social media.

- Most Flagged Friend / Follower - Parents can see which of your child's friends are sharing offensive content most often.

With the understanding that the online world is often far too challenging for children to handle on their own, Pharos Social offers an effective way for parents to protect them and balance their security with privacy. Pharos Social is far more than just a social media monitoring service - it consists of several unique features that set it apart from other available services, designed to foster trust between parents and their children while also being effective at monitoring activity across the most widely used social media websites.

About Pharos Social
Pharos Social is an innovative social media monitoring tool designed to address the modern concerns of both parents and children. The app is available online (web-based), and is set to launch on both Android and iOS in Winter 2017. The founder of Pharos Social, Benjamin Graves, was inspired to launch the app after having children of his own and seeing the importance of protecting them from online threats without overstepping privacy boundaries.

Benjamin Graves, Founder and CEO, is a serial entrepreneur with extensive small team and startup experience.

Hashtag: #PharosSocial

Pricing & Plans

Pharos Social currently offers two pricing plans available for $9 per/month for up to two children and $12 per/month for up to six children . However, interested users are encouraged to sign up for Pharos Social's 7-day FREE trial for a limited time only.

Pharos Social Advisory Board

Pharos Social is also assembling a parent and kid advisory board with open discussions quarterly to enforce and educate both parents and children. Pharos Social is set to launch educational presentations to schools for students and parents, that will help attendees understand the importance of having a positive online presence, social media safety, and helpful online tips through collaborative and individual activities. For more information and event updates, be sure to follow Pharos Social on social media. The first discussion is set to happen October 15th in Nashville, TN.

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