PhasxTM Seeks Crowdfunding via Indiegogo for Thunder UnderBass

Thunder UnderBass Transforms Ordinary Desktop Speakers from Paper Cups Into a Dynamic Range Speaker System.


Apopka, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2014 -- Over the last 10 years, millions of powered desktop, computer speakers, and TV sound bars have been bought by consumers looking for quality sound in their workspace and living spaces. While there have been some breakthroughs made, appearances of quality computer and TV speakers have been few and far between.

Thunder UnderBass bridges the gap between conventional speakers and people who seek superior quality audio. How? Why? Thunder UnderBass is a HiFi USB subwoofer loaded with killer Digital Signal Processing (also known as DSP to geeks). Thunder UnderBass turns existing active speakers into 192kHz/ 24bit digital dynamos with the added bonus of a very serious subwoofer to boot.

Far from being intrusive, no one will see Thunder UnderBass as just another piece of computer equipment to be hidden away as more cables and wires hassle users. It fits nicely on any desktop, under a TV or in a component rack. Now anyone can watch TV, movies, play video games, and listen to music in an expanded dimension of sound – as all of today’s media experiences were meant to be heard.

Everyone who works at Phasx has been spoiled with awesome bass on their desks for a long time thanks to their own line of pro audio monitors. As is true of most great inventions they asked themselves a “What if?” question; What if they were to take the very best elements of their professional-grade equipment, build it for the consumer market and design it to work with anyone’s existing equipment? The talented team at Phasx answered that question with Thunder UnderBass.

Crowdfunding is sought to take existing, fully functional prototypes into mass production. Phasx is not a multi-billion dollar company and want to divert existing manufacturing resources to this new product but not without sufficient funding and established consumer interest which this crowdfunding project makes possible.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on: DEC 31, 2014

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About Phasx
Founded in 2006, Phasx Technologies, Inc. makes professional studio monitors and control systems for desktop audio production. They’re giving the power back to the recording artist, where it belongs. Based in Apopka, Florida, the company is run by its two founders leading a team of engineers, musicians and artists who are passionate about music and high quality audio.