Phen375 Customer Reviews - Customers Losing 4-6 Pounds a Week on Average


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2013 -- According to this latest Phen375 Review, it is a research based dietary supplement which helps users to achieve their weight loss goals faster and with positive results. Manufactured in a US FDA facility in Burbank, California, Phen375 has been making waves in the medical circle of people who are on the lookout for effective weight loss pills that truly give results.

Phen375, although has positive reviews on the world wide web, triggered some apprehension from medical experts who are of the opinion that Phetemine, the drug responsible for the weight loss, and a core ingredient of Phen 375 is a controversial drug and labeled as anorectic. It does has weight loss properties but its usage and supply is banned in some parts of the world as it has not undergone proper tests in the lab.

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The team of scientists who created the formula for Phen375 argue that the hazards of a higher dose of Phentemine have been completely removed from the pill and only the positive weight loss effects remain. The other hazards such as withdrawal, depression and extreme fatigue are associated with Phentemine which is why doctors prescribe a gradual decrease in dosage rather than stopping the use at once.

Phen375 uses the psychoactive stimulant of Phentemine which triggers the brain into thinking that the body is not hungry, thereby curbing food cravings. The brain signals the stomach to stop eating so that users can stick better to their diet plans without breaking their food schedule and effectively lose weight. Exercise, preferably light cardio exercises along with a low calorie diet high in protein but low in carbohydrates boosts up the weight loss mechanism.

Phen 375 has a recommended dose of 2 dietary supplements a day, one in the morning before breakfast and another in the afternoon before lunch. The recommended time to take these pills is 20 minutes before eating a meal and preferably before 6 hours of sleeping at night. An overdose of the drug is strictly prohibited.

About Phen375
Phen375 diet pills are developed in a vegetable based cellulose skin which is easily soluble in the body and has no harmful effects on a person's health. It is always advised to consult a physician or dietician before beginning the use of any dietary or weight loss supplement. Pregnant and breast feeding women should not use this product.

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