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Phen375 Weight Loss Wonder Phen375 Retains Its #1 Spot Globally


Troutdale, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2013 -- Entering its four straight year of complete dominance in the market that is chockablock with weight loss products Phen375 ushers in the New Year as the most popular, effective and highest rated weight loss pills across the world.

Phen375 has managed to be the most trusted brand in the US and the new markets where it has been made available steadily over the last three years there has been an unprecedented rise in its popularity. People of various age groups have been vouching for its efficacy and what is even a greater achievement for RDK Global, the parent company, is that almost every distinct Phen375 review has hailed it as the solution to reach out for even if most conventional weight loss methods fail to offer any desired results.

Phen375 has made rapid headway into the UK, rest of Europe, Australia, Costa Rica and Belize. Apart from opening up and expanding their offices in these countries, the company has been successful in managing its worldwide distribution network through online sales portals and multiple resellers, while the global delivery network was extensively tested under demanding circumstances in 2012.

Very few people had troubles to buy Phen375 even in countries where the company doesn’t have a physical presence. The seamless, speedy and discreet delivery system had been a vision of the board at the company headquarters in Dallas for a while and the meticulous and strategic planning has certainly made it easier for anyone to buy Phen375 from almost any country or state.

The year 2012 has not only been a great year for Phen375 manufacturers but also for the patrons of the brand. Ever since its inception in 2009, there had been a section of consumers who had to wait for a long time before experiencing results and some did not see as much of a difference in their weight loss as others.

Almost every Phen375 review of 2012 has established a welcoming development where more consumers have reported being extremely happy or having noticed significant loss in their weight. What has been a landmark year for the company, it has been equally thrilling and satiating for all the consumers of Phen375 globally.

Phen375 plans to further better the customer service experience even though the customer support and community forums have been loved by the customers for their prompt help and ability to resolve any queries. With several offers lined up in 2013, it seems to be poised for an even more exciting year for Phen375 makers and consumers.

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