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Phenix Announces Prefab Shipping Container Homes for Sale at Factory Prices

Guangzhou Phenix Impt & Empt Co. Ltd has years of experience in custom steel structure housing. They are now announcing the sale of prefabricated steel houses at factory prices.


Guangzhou, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2014 -- People can now purchase a wide array of prefabricated custom house structures at affordable prices from Guangzhou Phenix Inc. These container houses are perfect for creating a safe and comfortable living space at construction sites, mining sites and other places. These steel structures could also be used to create a human habitat in chilly arctic regions, hot sandy deserts and in dense forests. These container houses have varied applications and could be installed anywhere, for a single family home or for housing a complete workforce engaged on a project.

The China based company is offering prefab shipping container homes for sale, and a customer can purchase it direct from them, eliminating the role of a middleman. This is the reason why one will get a prefabricated steel home structure at the factory price. They can design steel home structures in various shapes and sizes to help meet the customer’s requirements, from an individual person to a large mining or construction company.

According to Bing, who is the Construction Designer of the company, "We can deliver prefab shipping container house for sale right on time and in your budget, ensuring to fulfill the requirement of your project. We can always discuss your unique requirements with us and we will try to design the best prefabricated steel structure for you." Customers can provide their drawings and the company can create a design meeting their drawing specifications. However, they have a complete range of prefabricated modular structures and one will find an innovative building solution with them to meet their demand.

Phenix specializes in designing low cost light steel structure prefabricated house that is easy to install with their modular structure. The client will get the complete installation instructions with video for their help. The prefabricated houses designed by them could be assembled and disassembled any number of times without any difficulty and the modular structure is never damaged. Moreover, the prefabricated homes are heatproof and waterproof, ensuring a long-lasting durability. To learn more about these prefabricated steel houses, one may visit the website

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The Guangzhou Phenix company is a fair steel structure workshop, supplying a complete range of the container house, the container office, the prefab house, the light steel villa etc. The company specializes in the designing, processing, production, sale and installment of the prefabricated houses.

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