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Phenomenal Growth of Chatroulette Dating site FlavorConnect.com Proves to Be More than Just a Flavor of the Month


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/06/2011 -- Online dating site FlavorConnect.com has experienced tremendous membership growth with more than 10,000 members and growing in less than two years. The online dating sites utilizes six flavors to differentiate between relationship or “hookup” categories as well as a free chatroulette webcam chat community feature as the basis for its innovative online dating approach.

With the growth of the website driven primarily by 18-24 year-old singles, its founder Khaled Ridgeway sees the sweet flavor metaphor as both fun and highly empowering for daters looking for a particular type of hookup. The Syracuse University alum related to the frustrations of finding the right hookup and the inadequacy of conventional dating websites in developing casual relationships.

As a member of the primary age demographic, Khaled credits a desire for simplified online dating and one of his own harmless vices as divine inspiration. “I love sweets, and while trying to make a decision in the candy aisle one day it occurred to me that finding a date could be as simple as dividing possibilities by the type that suits your taste,” said Khaled.

Rather than a plethora of personality questions, users create profiles that they put into categories ranging from long-term hookup preference (Vanilla) to short term (strawberry), multiple (chocolate), platonic (lemon) and several others all designated by flavors of sweets. The six dating flavors help combat the issue of poor matches by grouping and catering to virtually every kind of online dater. Users can easily change their category preference as their dating preference changes and/or utilize the chatroulette feature to expand their options.

The new chatroulette webcam video chat feature is quickly becoming the centerpiece of the Website. The FlavorConnect.com Chatroulett video chat Web service gives users the option of being connected by Webcam to random people to begin a video chat or utilizing instant messenger to forego sharing by video. Users can move to another chat hookup with just a click to find more compatible potential partners or friends.

In addition to the flavor hookup categories and the chatroulette features to attract likeminded daters, the Website provides an extensive Q&A dating advice blog named Sweet Talk as well as a news section to keep the community informed of upcoming Website innovations and tweaks. The latest is the planned interactive dating games for members.

According to Khaled, FlavorConnect.com will continue to look for innovative ways to enhance the user experience and the Website’s brand. “We’ve thought about corporate sponsorship with candy manufacturers as one option, but no matter what we add, it can’t interfere with the feel of the site and the way it appeals to young adults,” said Khaled.

For more information and to sign up, please visit http://www.flavorconnect.com/