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Phenomenal New Book 'Born with a Veil: Now What?' Reveals What It Means to Be a 'Caulbearer'


Jackson, MS -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2012 -- When Deidre Banville was born, she had a full veil of skin covering her face and body. Also known as a “caul,” this medical phenomenon occurs in about 1 out of 100,000 births. While many cauls cover just the head, the size of Deidre’s veil made it especially rare.

Babies who are born with a caul will typically have the layer of skin snipped off by the physician. In many cases, the removed veil is then ceremonially given to the birth mother. Over the centuries, a wide variety of myths and superstitions have surrounded infants who are born with a veil. From historical tales of caulbearers having intuitive talents to phenomenal stories of secrets and gifts that are given by God, many children who are born with a veil have gone on to lead interesting and intriguing lives.

In an effort to explain and debunk many of the myths and mysteries of being a caulbearer, Deidre has just written and released a new book. “Born With a Veil: Now What?” features 40 chapters that reveal the deepest secrets of being a caulbearer. As Deidre takes readers through her own story, and explains how being born with a caul has greatly impacted her own life, the stories that she tells are both heart wrenching and amazing.

As Deidre wrote in an article on her website, BornWithaVeil.com, the experiences that she discusses in her book help prove that all of the myths and superstitions that have surrounded caulbearers over time are truly factual.

“I have lived all of them the past 70 years,” Deidre wrote, adding that her mother—who was also born with a veil—also experienced miracles like her.

“Before she died, at the age of 90, I was fortunate enough to witness many of her miracles, her beliefs and her experiences.”

In her book, Deidre shares how being a caulbearer has allowed her to be a bearer of good messages “to all of the souls who pass through the veil.” Her gifts, which she readily shares with the public, involve the ability to give others faith, love, peace and joy, as well as the belief that praying to God and His saints will help them receive whatever they are hoping for.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about Deidre, her new book, or what being born with a veil can mean is welcome to visit her website at any time; the site also includes instructions on how people can reach out to Deidre directly—for free—and hear more about her thought-provoking and intriguing life.

About Deidre Banville
Deidre Banville was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana by a mother who was also born with a veil. Her website, BornWithaVeil.com, is filled with her miracle stories, as well as information about her new book, “Born With a Veil: Now What?” In addition to asking Deidre questions on the website, she also has instructions on how members of the public can call her directly at no cost. Profits and donations will be given to the PDJF (Permanently Disabled Jockey Fund) and the WWP (Wounded Warriors Project). For more information, please visit http://www.bornwithaveil.com