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Pheromone Sense Reports Study Proving Effectiveness of Pheromone Cologne

New studies prove skeptics wrong: Humans really do respond to sexual pheromones reports


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2014 -- For years, critics have scoffed at the notion that humans rely on pheromones to determine the attractiveness of potential mates. Now, a study appearing in the journal Neuron shows that the critics were actually wrong. Human brains do indeed respond to pheromone scents that approximate the chemical makeup of testosterone and estrogen. Not only that, this response is selective: It is triggered by the pheromones of the opposite sex, but not of their own.

"The biggest effect was seen in the hypothalamus," said James Martin of Pheromone Sense, a pheromone scent producer. "This part of the brain is responsible for creating changes in mood, relaxation level, and other related feelings. Interestingly enough, the hypothalamus is not similarly activated by regular odors."

In today's society, it is rare to find a person who is exhibiting the full power of natural pheromones. This is because modern hygiene standards dictate frequent baths and the washing of clothes. These practices not only wash away the natural scent of a person, but usually replace it with some sort of artificial odor that has little to no basis in biology.

"The solution to this problem isn't simply to stop bathing. The human body produces many odors that are much stronger than pheromones, and unfortunately, these other odors are definite turn-offs. Being a bit less meticulous can help, but it doesn't take much to move from having an alluringly natural scent to driving people away," explained Martin. "This is one of the big reasons that pheromone colognes are such big hits. They allow the pheromone scent to be replaced without the unwanted odors that would ordinarily go with them."

One important thing to keep in mind is that pheromones don't actually create instant sexually-focused attraction. Instead, colognes like those mentioned at work to replicate the effects of their natural counterparts. Natural pheromones would make a female feel more relaxed, engaged, and generally attracted to a man who exhibited them in the right mix. This can make it much easier for a mate-seeking man to gain women's attention in social settings and set the stage for more action later on. Colognes seek to replicate the effect of natural pheromones so the effect can be obtained by anyone on demand.

For men who are interested in trying out pheromone cologne, the number of possibilities can be daunting. "We set up a page at for this very reason," Martin said. "It explains all of the different options and the benefits and drawbacks of each. We also have in-depth reviews of some brands, such as the one at, which covers Pherazone cologne. This sort of information makes it much easier to choose a cologne and allows people to learn exactly what to expect when they use these products.

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